Artisan Lavender Necklace

The artisan lavender you love, now available in exquisite hand-made jewelry. Introducing Aromatics Artisan Lavender Necklaces featuring lavender from our own artisan lavender field encased in beautiful clear resin, a hand-placed gem, and your choice of 18" chain. Choose from a Rose Gold Chain with Opal Gem or a Sterling Silver Chain with Tanzanite Gem. Now you can proudly display your love for lavender with this unique hand made jewelry. Note: Pendant sizes and shapes vary slightly.


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Artisan Lavender Necklace Artisan Lavender Necklace Artisan Lavender Necklace

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An artisanal partnership

The Story Behind the Jewelry

During the annual Aromatics harvest season, as our team was busy harvesting our lavender plants for essential oil and hydrosol distillation, inspiration struck Karen.

What if we could extend the joy of our lavender beyond the harvest? This spark of creativity led her to contact talented artisan jeweler, Summer Rush, who has been preserving lavender in hand-made jewelry for many years.

Summer, known for her exquisite craftsmanship, encapsulated the delicate purple buds of our lavender plants in elegant clear resin, combined them with stunning gems, and created one-of-a-kind artisanal jewelry pieces, complete with two distinct 18" chain options.

Now, Karen and her fellow lavender lovers can keep a piece of the annual lavender harvest with them any time of year!

Want to explore more Summer Rush Jewelry? Visit her online store here.

  • Summer Rush

    Artisanal Jeweler

  • Karen Williams

    Certified Aromatherapist, Registered Nurse, Founder, Chief Executive, Sourcing