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Margarita Bath & Body Scrub Bundle

Rejuvenate your skin with our Margarita Bath & Body Scrub Bundle. Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience and indulge in the tangy and sweet salt scrub that will help remove dead skin cells, nourish and soften your skin with a blend of natural and powerful ingredients. Enjoy the citrusy margarita aroma while exfoliating and moisturizing, bringing you one step closer to paradise. Bundle contents: 5 ml bottles of Lime Oil, Wild Orange Oil, 4 fl-oz of Jojoba Oil, an 8 oz jar of Coconut Oil, 8 oz bags of Pink Himalayan Salt (Fine Grain) and Pink Himalayan Salt (Small Grain), and a 16 oz Amber PET Jar. Make the Margarita Bath & Body Scrub found in our recipes section.  


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Margarita Bath & Body Scrub Bundle Margarita Bath & Body Scrub Bundle