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Myrrh Hydrosol

Commiphora myrrha

Our wildcrafted myrrh hydrosol is steam distilled here in the USA from the fragrant resin of the Commiphora myrrha trees of Somaliland. This refreshing myrrh hydrosol has a resinous, woody-sweet aroma and can have a myriad of aromatherapy benefits for mind, body, and spirit. Myrrh hydrosol, valued for supporting healthy skin, is one of our most popular choices for facial toners. In fact, we like to use it as a facial spray every day!

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Benefits and uses

Myrrh hydrosol has astringent properties and can be profoundly healing for skin, making it a fantastic choice for skin care sprays and toners. It works well in combination with our frankincense hydrosol, and we often use them together. The duo makes a remarkable daily facial spray.  Add to a bath for a relaxing and revitalizing body experience.

Myrrh can have numerous other benefits, as well. It can help promote healthy lung activity. Its traditional expectorant and mucolytic properties may be useful to help relieve the occasional respiratory difficulties. Myrrh hydrosol, used as a gargle or mouthwash has antiseptic properties that are helpful for infections. It also makes an excellent cleanser for washing wounds that are slow to heal.

Emotionally and energetically, myrrh has been known to calm the mind and usher in the sense of tranquility. It can help one reconnect with physical surroundings as well as to their spiritual center. It can also help with over-thinking and stabilize a distracted mind. Our myrrh hydrosol makes a truly special room spray or linen spritz. Try it and see how it can help freshen the air in your home and promote simply soothing and tranquil living spaces!



Country of Origin Cultivation Extraction Methods Plant Part(s) Botanical Family
USA Wildcrafted Steam Distilled
  • Resin / Gum
AromasNotes Chemical Families Therapeutic Properties
  • Balsamic
  • Resinous
  • Spicy
  • Base
  • Sesquiterpenes
  • Skin healing
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