Rosemary ct Verbenone Oil

Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone/Salvia rosmarinus
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Certified Organic


4 years

Middle, Top

South Africa


Herbal, fresh, and soft (with hints of camphor), rosemary ct. verbenone essential oil helps the mind feel clear, yet relaxed. It’s perfect for settling in and focusing on a good book. Rosemary can also have clarifying, restoring effects for the skin and the breath. Our certified organic rosemary ct. verbenone essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers and leaves of plants grown in South Africa. We carry two chemotypes of rosemary essential oil—the verbenone chemotype has a slightly softer, quieter aroma (yet still smells fresh and crisp).
Suggested Uses

Relieve - Soreness

Make a joint gel for your knees—blend rosemary ct. verbenone into aloe vera gel and use it as needed.

Complexion - Skincare

Help reduce breakouts without alcohol or harsh soaps. Blend rosemary into aloe vera and hemp oil. Use it like any cleanser.

Breathe - Congestion

When you have a big project, but are distracted by sniffles, make a rosemary ct. verbenone inhaler.

Product Properties

South Africa

Plant Part



Certified Organic

Chemical Families




Botanical Families


Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

Therapeutic Properties






Skin regenerative








Safety & Shelf Life

Shelf Life

4 years

Safety & Warnings

If oxidized it can cause skin irritation or sensitization. The literature suggests that people with epilepsy, high blood pressure, and pregnant women should avoid Rosemary because of the camphor content. It can be a stimulating oil; avoid nighttime use. With children, use at no more than 1% (5-6 drops total in 1 ounce of carrier). According to Essential Oil Safety by Tisserand and Young (second edition), they believe that there is no case for contraindicating any essential oil in someone with high blood pressure.


All essential oils at Aromatics International are GC/MS tested. This ensures that we sell oils with the highest possible integrity for therapeutic use. Learn more about GC/MS reports here.

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