Essential Oil

Utah Juniper Oil

Juniperus osteosperma

The short, hearty Utah juniper tree has a long, impressive lifespan. It’s estimated these trees can live over 650 years! Safe to say, the Utah juniper has wisdom to share about vibrant, sturdy health. The essential oil has a fresh, piney, woodsy, earthy aroma, and can be used during cold season to care for the breath, immunity, muscles, and joints. Our wildcrafted Utah juniper essential oil is steam distilled from sustainably harvested needles of trees in the USA. This tree often resides in dry, western forests alongside of pinyon pine.

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Benefits and uses

The hardy needles and twigs of the Juniperus osteosperma evergreen tree create a fresh, earthy, sweet, piney, woodsy, radiant essential oil. Along with helping to promote healthy lung and airway activity, Utah juniper essential oil is lovely when looking to manage pain and inflammation. Utah juniper essential oil is fantastic to add to blends formulated to help with painful joints, arthritis, and sinus headaches. Utah juniper essential oil is soothing in cases of unwelcome muscle spasms, such as a persistent, spastic cough. This essential oil is also helpful in reducing unwanted microbial activity, which can be so welcome if working to get rid of a cold or the flu.

Emotionally and energetically, Utah juniper essential oil revitalizes and restores. This essential oil promotes a stronger self-image and can help with strengthening personal identity.

Plant Part
  • Needles
Botanical Family
Extraction Methods
Steam Distilled
  • Middle-top
Chemical Families
  • Esters
  • Monoterpenes
  • Earthy
  • Fresh
  • Piney
  • Sweet
  • Warm and Radiant
  • Woodsy
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Shelf Life

4 years

Safety & Warnings

No known safety issues. All the gathering of the plant material is achieved by hand and then distilled by an artesian distiller. The needles and twigs are ethically harvested from trees that have naturally fallen. Our distiller states, "Keeping the plant material as un-compromised as possible assures the slow and gentle release of the plants active molecular structure. Wild gathering in remote places guarantees plants are free from human toxins."

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