Exotic carriers for luxurious blends

Work with unique, exotic carriers to grow your skills and make a wider variety of blends.
Exotic carriers for luxurious blends

Exotic carriers for luxurious blends

These are some of the most popular carriers you may not have heard of! They come from all over the world—West Africa, Madagascar, Canada, and more.

Learning to blend with exotic carriers allows you to make a wider range of therapeutic products. You’ll have more ways to help people and build your reputation as an aromatherapist!

1. Kpangnan Butter

Latin name: (Pentadesma butyracea)

Kpangnan butter comes from the lush forests and riverbanks of West Africa, where it’s produced in a time-honored (and time-consuming!) process. It’s pronounced “pan-ya,” and has a texture that’s firm and powdery at room temperature, but melts easily on contact with skin. Its scent is rich, warm, and nutty.

Kpangnan butter is popular in blends for moisturizing (it’s even more intensely moisturizing than shea butter!), and for nurturing muscles and joints.

Kpangnan butter is rich in stigmasterol

You can use kpangnan butter alone (giving it time to melt in your hand), but you may find it easier to work with if you blend it with other oils and butters to soften its texture.

2. Tamanu Oil

Latin name: (Calophyllum inophyllum)

From the forests of Madagascar, tamanu oil has a strong, pleasant nutty aroma. It appears either blue or gold-green (depending on when it’s harvested).

Tamanu oil helps skin repair itself on deep levels, making it popular for scar care and other skin care blends. It’s also soothing for muscles and joints. A massage with tamanu can ease tension and aches, while encouraging the body’s natural recovery processes.

Tamanu oil is thick and rich. It’s easy to use alone and blends well with other oils and butters.

3. Kombo Butter

Latin name: (Pycnanthus angolensis)

This dark, thick exotic butter is from West Africa, and has a pungent aroma that may remind you of burnt caramel or mushrooms. Its texture is a little grainy between the fingers, but it softens and absorbs quickly.

Kombo butter’s high myristoleic acid content makes it a must-have for people who use joint care blends, or who want to massage sore, tense muscles.

Kombo butter can be a little messy and sticky to work with if you’re trying to use it alone. It may also stain light-colored clothes or linens with its dark, earthy color. Most people find it easier to use when it’s blended with other carriers to make a smoother butter.

4. Hemp Seed Oil

Latin name: (Cannabis sativa)

Cold-pressed from certified organic hemp seeds in Canada, hemp seed oil is light and silky, with a pale green color and a nutty scent. It doesn’t contain CBD.

Hemp seed oil is rich in omega fatty acids, making it very moisturizing and calming for the skin. It also doesn’t clog pores. These traits have made hemp seed popular for skin care. It can quiet breakouts, soothe redness, and create a clear, radiant complexion. It’s also moisturizing enough for daily use on the rest of the body.

Hemp seed oil is easy to use alone, and also blends with other oils and butters. Try it along with argan oil in a soap-free face wash!

5. Marula Oil

Latin name: (Sclerocarya birrea)

Marula oil feels light and delicate, absorbing quickly and replenishing skin’s fatty acids and vitamins. It has a mild, nutty aroma and a pure golden hue.

Marula is a favorite oil for anti-aging blends, as it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s moisturizing and helps to build a healthy skin barrier (which allows the skin to retain valuable moisture while keeping out damaging agents like pollution).

This is a gorgeous oil to use alone on your skin! Like the other oils, it blends well with a wide variety of carrier oils, butters, and waxes. Our marula oil is made by a women’s co-op in Botswana.

6. Baobab Seed Oil

Latin name: (Adansonia digitata)

Rich, silky and light, baobab seed oil has a mild, nutty aroma. It’s a decadent gold oil that absorbs quickly into skin without leaving a greasy feel behind. Baobab seed oil’s ability to rejuvenate skin has made it a favorite for anti-aging blends. It helps the skin repair itself on deep levels.

Essential oils blend well into baobab seed oil, and it combines beautifully with other oils, butters, and waxes. It’s even luscious in its pure, unblended state!

Exotic carriers for luxurious blends

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