Safety tips for using natural cleaners

The do’s and don’ts of using essential oil cleaners without harming yourself, children, or pets.
Safety tips for using natural cleaners

Safety tips for using natural cleaners

Essential oils are highly concentrated.

The same properties that make them powerful cleaning agents, mean we have to use them with care and respect to avoid issues such as skin irritation, sensitization, or other negative reactions. They can also be too strong for children under 5, babies, pregnant women, and animals.

Safety tips for cleaning with essential oils:

Always dilute essential oils properly. We recommend sticking with these dilutions:

  • 1% – 5 to 6 drops of oil in 1 oz (30 ml) of carrier
  • 2% – 10 to 12 drops of oil in 1 oz (30 ml) of carrier
  • 3% – 15 to 18 drops of oil in 1 oz (30 ml) of carrier

cleaning with essential oils safety tips

NOTE: In some circumstances, it’s appropriate to use a higher concentration of essential oil. Unless you’re a certified aromatherapist or following a professionally crafted recipe, it’s a good idea to use the dilution guidelines above.

  • Keep your essential oils and natural cleaning blends out of reach of children and pets.
  • Make sure animals are free to leave the space where you’re using essential oils, or any cleaning blend.
  • If you’re using essential oils to clean a baby’s or small child’s room, ventilate it before the child enters.
  • If you have pets or babies who are still crawling, use hydrosols to clean the floor instead of essential oils.
  • Pay attention to your reactions as you’re using any essential oil blend. If your breathing starts to feel tight or your skin starts to react, you may be sensitive to one (or more) of the ingredients. Just wash your skin with soap and water, and try a different blend instead.
  • You may want to spot test your surfaces, such as countertops, before using a natural cleaning blend over the entire surface. Choose an out-of-sight or small area, and clean it with your blend. Then wait 24 hours. If the small area you’ve tested responds well, go ahead and clean the entire surface.

Essential oil safety is a key aspect of responsible blending. There’s a lot more to know—such as avoiding phototoxic reactions (blistering or burning in sunlight), using oils safely if you’re pregnant or nursing, and the possible complications of using essential oils internally.

Practice Safe Essential Oil Blending

Safety tips for using natural cleaners

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