Why essential oils can help clean your home

Research shows that essential oils can reduce germ presence for a healthier home.

While essential oil research continues to evolve, there’s a lot of well established scientific information available to review. Keeping up to date with research is an important part of making scientifically proven blends.

Sometimes research is carried out on a specific essential oil to investigate its benefits as a holistic substance. For example, one study showed that eucalyptus oil had an impact in helping to reduce the presence of several types of microbes. (1)

eucalyptus oil infographic

Other times, the individual components of the oil are studied to explore their unique properties—such as a 2014 study showing the effects of citral, a component in lemongrass and may chang oil, against fungi. (2)

lemongrass oil infographic

Both types of studies are useful when choosing which essential oils to use for natural cleaning. At Aromatics, we pay attention to ongoing research developments in both areas, so we can share the latest science-based information, blends, and recipes.

For example, if we see a study showing the benefits of citral against fungi, we might choose to create a recipe for bathroom cleaning spray with essential oils that contain citral.

You can do the same thing when creating your own original blends for natural cleaning.


1. Cermelli, C., Fabio, A., Fabio, G. and Quaglio, P. (2008) Effect of eucalyptus essential oil on respiratory bacteria and viruses. Current Microbiology 56, 1, 89-92.

2. Tao N, OuYang O, Jia L. (2014) Citral inhibits mycelial growth of Penicillium italicum by a membrane damage mechanism. Food Control 41, 116-121.


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