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Anyone who has the essential oil bug (like we do!) just KNOWS there are oils for every person that he or she will just love and enjoy using! Every nose is different and we have found that more often than not (and there are MANY exceptions) many men are drawn to those deeper, rich, woodsy, resinous, balsamic aromatic notes. We consulted the noses of the men in our lives and came up with a list of top 5 essential oils that more often than not, we all think many men will absolutely love. And, of course, women love these aromas too! It is a win-win for everyone!
patchouli essential oil

1. Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) Essential Oil

This essential oil has a warm, earthy base note that is both stimulating and uplifting. Put this grounding essential oil into blends that are formulated to be relaxing, as well as quieting strong, unpleasant emotions. Patchouli is a wonderful choice for easing anxiety and unwinding from a challenging day. Try this balancing blend: Mental Over-taxation Blend! The good news is that Patchouli only gets better with age and has a very long shelf life!

California Juniper Oil

2. California Juniper (Juniperus californica) Essential Oil

Has a lovely, deep, woodsy aroma that invigorates and excites! The aroma is bright and clean, reminding us of a very centering walk in the woods. Its woodsy, lemony aroma has a robust component that may help support the lungs and promote overall improvement of tissue health. Its emotional and energetic qualities make it an impressive addition to any inhaler! A favorite inhaler blend contains lavender, California juniper, and patchouli. Take a whiff of this any time of day for a transporting experience!

3. Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica) Essential Oil

Promotes mental clarity and is uplifting and refreshing. Its fresh, sweet aroma is amazing! This oil also works wonders when used in a diffuser and blends incredibly well with rosemary and lavender. A few drops of each can create a powerful and rejuvenating effect on the spirit. This diffuser blend may also help clear sinuses, or for cold relief, it can be used in a steam - very refreshing!

Orange Sweet Oil

4. Orange Sweet (Citrus sinensis) Essential Oil

Is a bright champion bringing sunlight and joy wherever it goes! The aroma is blissful and bright, adding a citrusy softness to any blend. Sweet orange makes most blends smell even better than imagined and often offers a warm embrace during a difficult moment. It can help reduce self-doubt and fears of the unknown, allowing one to take on new. This top note is adaptable, playful, and ready to make new friends.

Cedarwood Atlas Oil

5. Cedarwood (Atlas) (Cedrus atlantica) Essential Oil

Has a wonderful balsamic and earthy aroma. It adds its own wonderful unique personality to the mix! The cedarwood tree grows in the forests of the Moroccan Atlas mountains and is steam distilled from the wood stumps or sawdust. If experiencing chronic stress, this oil is renewing and will offer its sweet woodsy base note giving strength and aid for mental and emotional needs. Cedarwood is especially useful in an inhaler blend, giving it a quiet and sustaining value, promoting a calm state of mind. Make your own inhaler using the Mind Ease Blend recipe, a combination of four essential oils: cedarwood, bergamot, lavender, and vetiver. This intriguing blend is uplifting, grounding, relaxing - a perfect way to unwind and de-stress. For added benefits, try adding a drop of ylang ylang to sweeten
the mix!

Sore Muscles and Stress Blend - Recipe

This wonderful topical blend helps ease sore, tight muscles brought on by stress. These powerful, soothing oils work together to melt away tension and soreness!



  1. Add 1 oz. of Jojoba Oil to an empty glass bottle.
  2. Drop the essential oils into the Jojoba Oil.
  3. Cap the bottle and shake gently to blend.

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