The best essential oils for holiday diffuser blends

Everyone’s nose is different! While there’s no “best” holiday oil for a diffuser blend, there are a lot of popular aromas that bring us together at this time of year.

The spicy aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg are classic holiday scents—exotic yet comforting. They might remind you of a warm kitchen full of fresh-baked holiday treats! Or maybe you love the crisp, piney aroma of evergreen trees, or the sweetness of orange and peppermint.

Surrounding yourself with your favorite scents can lend you some holiday cheer, refresh your energy, or set the tone for a quiet evening. And if you’re hosting a holiday party, it can make your guests take a deep breath and say, “Oh, what is that wonderful aroma?”

Holiday essential oil blends

Here are four essential oil blends that bring out our favorite scents of the holidays.

1. Warm Spice & Orange Diffuser Blend

A holiday classic! Sweet orange essential oil dances over a warm, spicy combination of cinnamon essential oil, clove bud essential oil, and ginger essential oil. Diffusing this essential oil blend makes your home smell like you’ve been baking yummy holiday treats all day!

The essential oils in this diffuser blend can also support digestion, making this the perfect blend to diffuse for a fun holiday dinner party.

2. Holiday Diffuser Blend

Holiday Diffuser Blend

Can’t decide whether you like spices, fruits, or conifers the most? Get the best of each! This essential oil diffuser blend takes the stirring comfort of cinnamon essential oil and clove bud essential oil, the sweetness of mandarin essential oil, and adds a touch of the fresh evergreen balsam fir essential oil.

Use this essential oil diffuser blend when you want some emotional comfort hand-in-hand with immune system support. The essential oils are very protective.

3. Conifer Holiday Diffuser Blend

Can’t get enough of that fresh Christmas tree scent? Diffuse this invigorating essential oil blend of conifer essential oils to make your tree smell brand new (even if you use an artificial tree . . . or don’t have one at all!). Douglas fir, white spruce, and Norway pine create a nuanced blend of playful, warm evergreen aromas to refresh your energy on cold, dark days.

Diffuse this Christmas tree diffuser blend when you feel sluggish and need some inspiration to get off the couch. These essential oils are also renowned for supporting clear breathing during cold season with their frosty scents.

4. Christmas Diffuser Blend

Mandarin essential oil and cinnamon essential oil are joined by a hint of nutmeg essential oil in this fruity, sweet, spicy Christmas diffuser blend. It’s perfect for cozy nights in, creating a peaceful mood, and getting introspective about your plans for the coming year. Nutmeg essential oil is often used for meditation, which makes this blend excellent for finding fresh inspiration.

These essential oils can also lift your mood, so you can release the weight of worry and overthinking.

5. Citrus Fall Sparkle Diffuser Blend

Celebrate the festive season with this enchanting blend of sweet and spicy aromas that will infuse your home with holiday cheer. A sun-kissed combination enhanced by the spirited essence of cinnamon is sure to add a sparkling touch to your day. This blend is blissfully warming, comforting, and uplifting, featuring the lively notes of sweet orange, zesty lime oil, and aromatic cinnamon bark.

Expand your holiday oil collection!

The oils in these diffuser blends are all included in our 24 Favorite Holiday Essential Oils. This is the definitive list of conifers, spices, and sweet-tooth oils that become best-sellers around the holiday season! You’ll even find even incense oils to help you set a sacred space during this transformational time of year.

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December 16, 2021 — Karen Williams