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November staff picks: all the faves in one place!

Our staff are a team of educated specialists. See the products they’re loving this month and find new top picks for yourself!

Must-have products our staff love

At Aromatics, our staff are friends and family! They’re the beating heart of Aromatics: a team of specialists who make sure we maintain the high standards we’re known for.

We asked seven of our core staff members about their favorite products. Each shared an essential oil, carrier, hydrosol, and ready-to-use blend. Check out what these experienced specialists are loving this month and find some top picks of your own!


November staff picks

Jenny Williams

Lead educator and content creator

jenny williams lead educator and content creator

Jenny is our co-owner, lead educator, content creator, and a certified aromatherapist. She spent years as a high school teacher, honing her skills for helping people absorb information in practical, efficient ways. She brings that expertise to content creation at Aromatics!

clove bud oil1. Clove Bud Oil (Syzygium aromaticum/Eugenia caryophyllata)

Clove bud’s aroma smells just like the kitchen spice--rich, warm, and exotic! This wildcrafted oil has a bold presence, and a few drops are enough to support your health.

“Clove bud oil contains a high percentage of eugenol, which is why I love it for natural pain relief!”

-Jenny Williams

aloe vera gel2. Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis)

Pure, organically crafted aloe vera gel contains 100% intact polysaccharides! Aloe vera gel has a delicate texture and soothes skin that’s been damaged or irritated. Use it alone or as a base for essential oils!

“Aloe vera’s light, quickly-absorbed texture means it nourishes my skin without getting all over my clothes!”

-Jenny Williams

sweet grass hydrosol3. Sweet Grass Hydrosol (Hierochloe odorata)

A traditional plant for rituals and sacred spaces, sweet grass is used to clear negative energy. It’s also beloved by those who just adore its fresh, herbal, outdoorsy scent!

“I love misting sweet grass hydrosol around the room to cleanse the air. It’s fresh and beautiful!”

-Jenny Williams

breathe clear blend4. Breathe Clear Blend

Another one of our best-selling blends! This fresh, penetrating blend includes oils that clear your head (including eucalyptus) so you can face cold season with confidence.

“Taking a few whiffs of Breathe Clear helps my chest feel open. It helps keep my health strong!”

-Jenny Williams

Amelia Zenk

Customer service specialist

amelia zenk customer service specialist

Amelia is a licensed esthetician and a certified aromatherapist. She’s one of our experienced customer support specialists, ensuring all questions are answered, orders are filled, and needs are met.

cardamom oil1. Cardamom Oil (Elettaria cardamomum)

Cardamom is fresh, spicy, and sweet! It has a warming effect wherever it’s applied, making it perfect for cold-weather blends. It’s also a classic for digestion!

“Cardamom smells like fall! And because of the 1,8-cineole content, it helps with respiratory support and immune health.”

-Amelia Zenk

tamanu oil2. Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum)

A thick, rich oil with a nutty aroma, tamanu is traditionally used to comfort sore, tender areas, and for scar care. This is largely due to its high percentage of calophyllolides.

“Tamanu is helpful for sore muscles and joints, and is also great for skin care, especially when scarring is involved.”

-Amelia Zenk

frankincense hydrosol3. Frankincense Hydrosol (Boswellia carterii)

One of our best-selling hydrosols! Prized for its restorative effects on damaged skin, frankincense hydrosol has a dry, resinous aroma that smells like the essential oil.

“I love this hydrosol’s calming, resinous aroma. It makes a great facial toner for all skin types.”

-Amelia Zenk

ignite blend4. Ignite Blend

Sweet, herbal, and minty, this ready-to-use blend sharpens your mind and activates your creativity. Use it to focus on projects . . . or embrace a new path with an open heart!

“This multifaceted blend inspires my creativity and mental focus. It also opens up my airways!”

-Amelia Zenk

Annie Williams

Customer service specialist

annie williams customer service specialist

With over 15 years experience in customer service, Annie is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and loves everything to do with natural health and wellness! She’s working toward her aromatherapy certification at Aromahead Institute.

spike lavender oil1. Spike Lavender Oil (Lavandula latifolia)

Spike lavender’s fresh, floral aroma is like a camphoraceous version of true lavender. The oil itself is more energizing, and is popular for sports massage.

“I’m in love with the combination of smells in this oil and how versatile it is. It’s like lavender meets eucalyptus—calming and clearing. My favorite for yoga and working out!”

-Annie Williams

kpangnan butter2. Kpangnan Butter (Pentadesma butyracea)

Pronounced “pan-ya,” this firm, yellow butter has a nutty, smoky scent. Its fatty acid content makes it even more moisturizing than shea butter, while its high stigmasterol percentage soothes muscles and joints.

“The magic ingredient for my dry skin! Kpangnan butter absorbs beautifully and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. My hands and feet cannot go without it!”

-Annie Williams

frankincense hydrosol3. Frankincense Hydrosol (Boswellia carterii)

Annie is our second staff member to choose frankincense as her favorite hydrosol! No surprise there—this best-seller creates both inner and outer peace: it clarifies skin while calming the spirit.

“I love the peaceful aroma of frankincense hydrosol. I also love what it does for my aging skin. It makes me feel like I’m glowing!”

-Annie Williams

yin yang tonic4. Yin Yang Tonic

Find your inner balance with this sparkling citrusy ready-to-use blend! It helps you release pent-up emotions so you can move forward with joy.

“My go-to blend! It’s not only incredibly grounding, but the bright and cheery aroma from the lime always makes me happy.”

-Annie Williams

Sandra Hilmon

Workshop team leader

sandra hilmon workshop team leader

Sandra is proud to be our longest serving workshop team leader! Growing and distilling botanicals is a passion for her, and she supervises the creation of the products we make in-house. She’s studying to be a certified aromatherapist.

plai oil1. Plai Oil (Zingiber cassumunar)

Fresh, herbal, and spicy, plai has a cooling touch. It’s often used to comfort muscles and joints, and is a popular oil for natural relief in its native Thailand.

“Plai works well for pain from overused muscles or built-up tension. It’s a unique member of the ginger family because it’s cooling instead of warming.”

-Sandra Hilmon

cocoa butter2. Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacaor)

Pure, unrefined, organically crafted cocoa butter! It has a decadent chocolate aroma and nourishes skin with 5 IU of vitamin E per ounce.

“Cocoa butter smells amazing, melts nicely and makes a nice ingredient for a salve that is great for my skin!”

-Sandra Hilmon

lemon thyme hydrosol3. Lemon Thyme Hydrosol (Thymus × citriodorus)

Citrusy and herbal, lemon thyme hydrosol can simultaneously purify your space while filling you with peaceful, positive energy.

“I love this hydrosol for its germ-reducing and calming properties.”;

-Sandra Hilmon

tranquil mind blend4. Tranquil Mind Blend

Tranquil Mind is your bottle of quiet composure with a warm, citrusy, floral aroma. Wild orange, lavender, and Roman chamomile help calm overthinking so you can relax.

“This little blend really does calm my mind and helps me sleep, plus the aroma is great!”

-Sandra Hilmon

Erin Hill

Workshop team leader

erin hill workshop team leader

Erin supervises the daily running of our workshop. She schedules employees, assigns daily tasks, and helps everything run smoothly. Erin has a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology, and is working toward her aromatherapy certification.

siberian fir oil1. Siberian Fir Oil (Abies sibirica)

A wildcrafted, soft and sweet piney oil! Siberian fir is one of a few conifers that’s gentle on skin due to its rich ester content. And it’s a good ally during cold season!

“So refreshing! It reminds me of being in the forest, which is my favorite place to be!”

-Erin Hill

argan oil2. Argan Oil (Argania spinosa)

Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, argan oil is a classic natural skin care solution! It’s especially good for anti-aging recipes.

“Great for skin (and hair!). Argan also helps with wrinkles and gives my skin a lovely glow.”

-Erin Hill

calendula hydrosol3. Calendula Hydrosol (Calendula officinalis)

Calendula hydrosol is renowned for all things “skin!” It’s perfect for daily skin care, acne-prone skin, and for urgent issues asking for quick relief.

“Very skin-healing. Calendula hydrosol is especially great for acne, and I mist it right on small open wounds.”

-Erin Hill

tranquil mind4. Tranquil Mind

Erin is our second staff member to choose Tranquil Mind as her favorite ready-made blend! The warm, citrusy, floral aroma replaces overthinking with deep serenity.

“This blend is used regularly in my household for both myself and my kids! Helps calm anxiety and promote mental peace.”

-Erin Hill

Jaime Weber

Workshop team leader

jaime weber workshop team leader

Jaime assists with the inner workings of the workshop and takes on special projects. In the spring she also spends her time tending to our high altitude lavender field.

frankincense oil1. Frankincense Oil (Boswellia carterii)

One of our top-selling essential oils! Frankincense is a classic for skin care. The aroma—fresh, balsamic, and warm—has helped create sacred spaces throughout history.

“This is my go-to essential oil for it’s amazing skin healing properties and calming aroma.”

-Jaime Weber

rosehip seed oil2. Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa rubiginosa)

Offering vitamins C and E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, rosehip seed oil is popular for creating a more even, glowing skin tone, and for scar care.

“I love using this carrier in my daily facial oil. It absorbs easily and brightens my complexion.”

-Jaime Weber

Rose Otto Damascena Hydrosol3. Rose Otto Damascena Hydrosol (Rosa damascena)

With a sensual, intoxicating aroma, rose otto damascena hydrosol conditions skin to feel and look more healthy, radiant, and smooth. It also calms the heart!

“When I need a quick energizer and mood-booster, rose otto hydrosol is where I turn. It is so refreshing and inspires happiness every time I use it.”

-Jaime Weber

dewy glow blend4. Dewy Glow Blend

Combining floral and resin oils, Dewy Glow has a soft, sensual aroma. It helps repair skin on deep levels—creating a supple, even-toned complexion.

“This roll-on blend comes with me everywhere. I can’t get enough of the amazing aroma, and love how it hydrates my sensitive skin.”

-Jaime Weber

Devin Williams

Creative Director/Promotions Manager

devin williams creative director promotions manager

Devin oversees our marketing efforts, including our creative team who take care of photography, video production, email marketing, website images, live events, and more.

lime oil1. Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia)

Lime oil’s bright, sparkly aroma can fill you with a fresh flow of energy! It’s a reliable mood-booster when you’re feeling down and out.

“The aroma is sweet like candy! It’s got a citrus aroma that reminds me of summertime. I love including it in blends all times of year!”

-Devin Williams

unscented lotion2. Unscented lotion

Paraben-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, and vegan, this lightweight yet luxurious lotion moisturizes your skin all by itself, or as a base for essential oils.

“Living in Montana, I have very dry skin. This unscented lotion is ideal as a base for my blends, and helps keep my skin soft and moisturized.”

-Devin Williams

catnip hydrosol3. Catnip Hydrosol (Nepeta cataria)

Fresh, minty, and smooth, catnip hydrosol is profoundly calming. It helps settle a queasy belly and repels bugs . . . and our feline friends love it!

"I love this hydrosol because of how much my cats LOVE this hydrosol! When the cats are a little stir crazy I like to spray one of their toys with a few sprays of Catnip hydrosol and watch them go crazy over it! It’s fun for them, and for me!"

-Devin Williams

catching zzzs blend4. Catching Zzz’s Blend

One of our top-selling ready-made blends, Catching Zzz’s has a warm, sensual aroma that helps stop overthinking so you can sleep!

“When I have a hard time falling asleep I like to drop this blend in my diffuser and it helps calm my mind and achieve deeper, more restful sleep.”

-Devin Williams

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