Cold winter weather can leave your skin dried out, itchy, and irritated—depleted of hydration and important nutrients.

Your regular skin care routine might not go far enough to keep your skin healthy.

These are our top 5 DIY essential oil recipes to upgrade your winter skin care routine.

These skin care recipes are made with organic, natural butters and essential oils that restore nutrients to your skin barrier (including essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants), deliver rich moisture, and help to repair dry skin.

You'll find recipes for men and women, for your body, face, lips, and hands.

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Dry winter skin

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Dermatologists often caution that winter weather can be tough on your skin. Colder temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds can all lead to dry skin that is more prone to cracking and flaking. Additionally, indoor heat can further exacerbate flaky skin by removing moisture from the air. When skin becomes dry and dehydrated, it can lose its natural protective barrier, making it more vulnerable to infections and other skin conditions. To combat skin sensitivity, dermatologists typically recommend using body lotion and moisturizing skin care products regularly, avoiding hot water, and wearing protective clothing like gloves and scarves when going outside in the cold weather.

Here are a few DIY recipes for dry skin care:

1. Dry Skin Body Butter

Shea butter is one of the most moisturizing natural butters due to its rich essential fatty acid content. It also contains vitamin E and vitamin A, which help your skin repair itself.

As shea butter infuses dry winter skin with more moisture, it also forms a protective barrier that helps your skin retain hydration, so the dry air doesn’t dry it out so quickly.

This rich winter skin care recipe is made with shea butter blended with jojoba oil, to make it easier to spread on your skin. The nourishing essential oils myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, and palmarosa help skin repair itself in dry winter months.

2. My Poor Chapped Lip Balm

Kiss those chapped lips goodbye!

This blend of shea butter, jojoba, and beeswax soothes cracked, dry skin for soft, smooth, nourished lips and plump skin. It also creates a barrier to lock in moisture that prevents lips from drying out.

Blood orange essential oil adds a sweet, delicious, fruity note to make this balm a pleasure to use again and again!

You can also use this winter skin care recipe as an all-over face balm if you enjoy winter sports!

3. Nutrient-Rich Facial Oil

Rosehip seed oil has a thick, luxurious texture, yet it’s non-greasy and doesn’t clog pores.

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin C and vitamin E, rosehip seed essential oil helps skin repair itself on deep levels for a more even, youthful complexion.

It’s the main ingredient for this DIY winter skin care recipe, made with nourishing frankincense, myrrh, and German chamomile essential oils. Your skin will drink this treat in!

4. Lumberjack Moisturizer Oil

For the men in your life who get dry skin in winter, this DIY Lumberjack Moisturizer helps keep skin hydrated, fights moisture loss, and protect skin against the cold air that can wreck havoc during winter months.

lumberjack moisturizer oil aromatics international

This natural winter skin care recipe is made in a base of pure, organic jojoba oil, which closely resembles skin’s natural oils—so it’s ideal for sensitive skin types, too.

Men tell us they love the scent of the woodsy, foresty essential oils in this recipe.

5. Spruce & Spice Immune Health Lotion

As we’ve all been all washing our hands more often, the skin on our hands was already getting dried out.

Add dry, winter weather into the equation, and your hands might be crying out for help!

Use this DIY Spruce & Spice Immune Health Lotion as needed. It hydrates and nurtures the skin on your hands, while essential oils of black spruce, Douglas fir, and nutmeg act as a gentle cleanser and support immune health all winter long.

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December 21, 2020 — Karen Williams