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8 Can’t-miss DIY recipes from Aromatics’ founders

After crafting thousands of DIY recipes, 3 master aromatherapists share their must-have favorites.

The experts’ favorite recipes

The founders of Aromatics have been creating aromatherapy recipes for decades!

Andrea, Cindy, and Karen have over 30 years of experience between them. They’ve made every type of recipe we can think of—including blends for massage, sleep and relaxation, easing sore muscles, soothing irritated skin, restoring skin after sun damage, supporting healthy breathing . . . and that’s the short list!

Here are 8 of their favorite DIY recipes. These recipes have stood the test of time as top must-haves for these master craftswomen.

Andrea Butje

Andrea Butje

Andrea Butje was the driving force behind Aromatics International’s founding. She had already created a successful aromatherapy business—the renowned school Aromahead Institute—hand-in-hand with Cindy Black.

When she couldn’t find pure essential oils for her students, she decided to source them herself. Aromatics International was born!

Andrea insists on her DIY recipes being pure, simple to make and use, and (most importantly) effective. Here are her three must-haves!

“I love being in nature and in the sun! This butter keeps my skin soft and healthy."

- Andrea Butje

Restore your skin after too much sun with this luxurious DIY butter. It’s made with nourishing carriers and a trio of essential oils that help skin repair itself naturally.

“What can I say? This scrub smells great . . . and really works!”

- Andrea Butje

Store-bought grout scrubs are often made with harsh chemicals. This all-natural DIY version is just as effective—without exposing you and your family to potential toxins!

"I steam regularly. This blend clears my head and opens my breath, leaving me feeling healthy."

- Andrea Butje

Protect your health when cold season sets in! Combine 3 essential oils for clear breathing, then add a drop to a bowl of hot, steamy water. Breathe in the nourishing steam.

Cindy Black

Cindy Black

Cindy Black worked side by side with Andrea Butje to found both Aromahead Institute (the school of essential oil studies), and Aromatics International.

A backbone of Aromatics, Cindy’s vast experience in massage, anatomy & physiology, and essential oil chemistry makes her a trustworthy authority on effective products and recipes.

Notice anything about Cindy’s first favorite recipe? It’s the same as Andrea’s! After Sun Butter is a beloved classic here at Aromatics—one our founders, staff, and fans return to season after season.

“I can get too much sun quickly, so this blend is a constant for me. My skin loves it!”

- Cindy Black

Restore your skin after too much sun with this luxurious DIY butter. It’s made with nourishing carriers and a trio of essential oils that help skin repair itself naturally.

“This puts the fun back into a long day in the garden. No more achy muscles!”

- Cindy Black

Care for tender, damaged areas with the power of arnica! This DIY salve soothes minor issues like bumps and sore muscles, while supporting your body’s repair process.

“I cannot tolerate chemical cleaners. This recipe is amazing! It cleans the ick off of pots and pans, and supports my health and happiness in the process.”

- Cindy Black

Scrub your kitchen and bathroom clean with this all-natural abrasive scrub recipe. Baking soda, Castile soap, and vinegar provide scrubbing power, while 3 essential oils reduce microbes.

Karen Williams

Karen Williams

During her career in healthcare as a registered nurse, Karen wanted more natural ways to support her patients. She decided to learn essential oil science.

It wasn’t long before she realized aromatherapy was her life’s purpose! Karen met Andrea and Cindy while studying at Aromahead Institute. Today, she’s our president and product sourcer, finding the purest, most sustainable aromatherapy products in the world.

Karen is also our lead aromatherapist. She’s the author of hundreds of recipes in our vast library, and brings her understanding of healthcare and essential oil science to each and every one.

“This sweet, floral linen spray is so amazing! It freshens and purifies the entire area.”

- Karen Williams

Made with Karen’s favorite lavender artisan hydrosol, this DIY spray freshens your linens with a relaxing, floral aroma. Try it as a room spray, too!

“All of my favorite spice oils warming up my home! I can’t resist this one!”

- Karen Williams

Cozy up with this warm, spicy diffuser blend! The blend of spice oils combines with a hint of sweetness and twist of citrus that’s perfect for cool weather.

“This skin-supportive blend is full of beautiful, aromatic oils. It smells amazing and rejuvenates the skin.”

- Karen Williams

Restore a supple, glowing texture to mature skin with this DIY blend of antioxidant-rich raspberry seed oil and skin-nourishing essential oils.

More DIY Recipes
Aromatics offers hundreds of free DIY aromatherapy recipes, formulated with intention, then extensively tried and tested by our founder and lead aromatherapist, Karen Williams. Blend them all, or browse for inspiration!

Our founders’ favorite products!

These recipes include some of our founders’ favorite products, like raspberry seed oil, lavender artisan hydrosol, and sweet orange essential oil.

Check out the full collection of Andrea, Cindy, and Karen’s must-haves . . . and find new favorites of your own!

Founders’ Favorites Collection
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