The Best Essential Oil Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mom's love essential oils! Discover gift inspiration with this list of essential oil gift ideas and make Mother's Day unforgettable.
The Best Essential Oil Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Aromatherapy gifts for mom

Find the perfect aromatherapy Mother’s Day gifts for that special woman in your life!

This simple aromatherapy gift guide includes our top-rated organic, sustainable, ready-made products—all crafted by small-scale farmers, distillers, and aromatherapists.

Want to make your own DIY Mother’s Day gifts from the heart? We’ve got you covered there, too!

Just use this list to jump to the perfect gift you’re looking for:

Essential oils & products for Mother’s Day gifts

mother's day gift aromatics international

Get Mom that special essential oil she’s had her eye on, but hasn’t gotten for herself yet. Or put together your own little “kit” of products to remind her of the beauty of life and make mom feel loved. You can include any aromatherapy gifts you like in your “kit.” Pick them because they smell good, or to help mom achieve a specific benefit. Try one of these great gift ideas...

Stress-soothing floral trio

aromatherapy mother's day gift aromatics international

Floral oils can ease a troubled mind. By helping us be aware of beauty, they open our hearts to more positivity and love. Some of these oils are precious, like rose and neroli. (It takes between 30 and 50 hand-picked rose blossoms to create a single drop of oil!) Others, like lavender, are more common. Pick your favorites to make Mom a personalized aromatic “bouquet” of oils!

1. Rose Absolute Oil

Latin name: (Rosa x damascena)

The queen of flowers, for the queen of your family! Rose is a precious floral oil that inspires love and forgiveness, allowing stress to naturally dissolve (this is especially great gifting for new moms!).

2. Lavender Oil

Latin name: (Lavandula angustifolia)

One of the most popular oils in the world, lavender is a perfect gift for moms! It has a wide array of uses, and is proven to calm stress from multiple angles.

3. Neroli Oil

Latin name: (Citrus aurantium var amara)

Made popular by a princess (the princess of Nerola), beautiful Neroli remains a precious oil today for overcoming emotional distress.

See how mom can use floral oils to relax and care for her skin!

Citrus oils trio for optimism

citrus essential oils mother's day gift aromatics international

Citrus oils contain high percentages of d-limonene, a natural molecule that can help lift negative emotions, shifting your mood into a brighter space. (It can also reduce the presence of microbes and support immune health!)

1. Lemon Oil

Latin name: (Citrus limon)

Distilled from the peels of wild lemons from the mountains of Italy, this oil smells just like a freshly peeled fruit!*

2. Orange (Wild) Oil

Latin name: (Citrus sinensis)

Sparkly, warm, and bright, our orange (wild) oil comes from fruits in wild Italian orchards. This oil is NOT phototoxic, so it’s sun-safe.

3. Lime Oil

Latin name: (Citrus latifolia)

Juicy and sweet, this oil smells like lime candy! It’s distilled from organically grown fruits in the Italian countryside. She's bound to love this gift of summer for mother's day!

*Like many citrus oils, lemon is phototoxic, meaning it can cause reactions like burning, blistering, and discoloration in sunlight or UV light. Please refer to the individual product pages for specific safety information for each oil. (Orange and distilled lime are NOT phototoxic.

Sweet sleep trio

Does Mom have trouble getting a good night’s rest? These essential oils contain soothing components that can support her slumber, helping her relax in body and mind at night.

1. Ylang Ylang (Complete) Oil

Latin name: (Cananga odorata)

Studies have shown that ylang ylang helps the body relax in profound ways. Plus its hypnotic floral aroma is intoxicating! 

2. Vetiver Oil

Latin name: (Vetiveria zizanioides)

Also known as the “Oil of Tranquility,” vetiver has a deep, earthy, sweet aroma that’s intensely calming. Mom may like it as a perfume, too!

3. Patchouli Oil

Latin name: (Pogostemon cablin)

Famous for its “chill vibes,” patchouli oil can help mom let go of worries and unwind. Its rich aroma is different from the popular incense.

Hydrosol trio

If your mom is a big fan of room sprays, upholstery sprays, linen sprays, closet sprays (you get the idea!), gift her a trio of hydrosols she can use all around the house!

1. Chai Co-distil Hydrosol

An irresistible combination of spicy-sweet plants all distilled together, including clove, cinnamon, star anise, and more. Smells like chai tea!

2. Elderflower Hydrosol

Latin name: (Sambucus caerulea)

Distilled from creamy white elderflowers, this hydrosol is perfect for a room spray—or Mom can add a capful to her bath for a relaxing floral soak.

3. Blood Orange Hydrosol

Latin name: (Citrus sinensis)

Mom’s whole house will smell like she just squeezed fresh orange juice thanks to this bright and happy hydrosol! This is the perfect present to start the summer with.


An essential oil diffuser can help your mom transform her home, diffusing essential oils to purify the indoor air, protect health, feel energized or relaxed, and more. These beautiful aromatherapy accessories pair practicality with style. And if she already has a diffuser, she’ll love an upgrade or one for another area of the house.

1. Aroma Glass Diffuser

The Aroma Glass Diffuser is a beautiful, hand-blown glass, whisper quiet diffuser with alternating lights, etched Aromatics logo, and high-quality wood base.

2. Carrara Marble Diffuser

The classic design of this elegant ultrasonic glass diffuser mimics luxurious, polished Carrara marble, complementing any space!

3. Raku Candle Diffuser

Perfect for smaller spaces, the Raku is a handmade artisan ceramic diffuser. Fill the bowl with water and essential oil, and set a candle beneath to diffuse.

Aromatherapy & recipe books

1. Heart of Aromatherapy

Written by internationally respected aromatherapist Andrea Butje, this book contains over 100 recipes so Mom can learn to make her own collection of blends. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving for years!

2. Animal Self Medication

For moms who love animals! Animal Self-Medication explains how animals instinctively heal themselves and how to use essential oils safely to support them.

Ready-made blends for Mother’s Day gifts

essential oil blends mother's day aromatherapy gifts aromatics international

Aromatics Essentials is our line of ready-made blends, handcrafted by our team of Certified Aromatherapists. These blends come in easy-to-use roll-on bottles, where they’re blended into a base of skin-soothing jojoba. Most also come in a 10 ml bottle with an orifice reducer, so you can add drops to a diffuser . . . or to any aromatherapy product you like!

1. Breathe Clear Blend

Help Mom face cold season with confidence! This combination of eucalyptus, tea tree, and ravintsara is our best-selling ready-made blend.

2. Catching Zzz's Blend

She used to tuck you into bed. Now give Mom this top-selling, relaxing, exotic blend to help her have sweet dreams!

3. Sunshine Blend

Can’t decide which citrus oils Mom would like best? Get her Sunshine, our popular blend of five bright, sparkly citruses in one bottle!

4. Summer Jasmine Blend

A beautiful roll-on perfume with jasmine, citrus, and hints of grounding patchouli. Mom can tuck this into her pocket and use it anywhere.

5. Tranquil Mind Blend

Tranquil Mind is Mom’s secret ally for comfortable calm composure, no matter what’s going on during her day. Give the gifts of lavender, orange, and Roman chamomile all in one perfect present.

Easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts

mother's day gifts aromatics international

If you’re like us, you probably made a lot of personalized mother's day gifts for your mother when you were a kid.

Keep the tradition going! Here are some top, easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts you can create yourself! (Get your ingredients now so they’ll arrive in time for you to blend without feeling rushed to create a great gift.)

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