Natural Skin Care: 3 Nourishing Recipes to Get You Started!

Three simple recipes for a night-time skin serum, a gorgeous whipped body butter, and a smooth, moisturizing lip balm.
Natural Skin Care: 3 Nourishing Recipes to Get You Started!

Some people spend years studying how to make natural skin care that offers nourishment and therapeutic benefits . . . with no harsh or chemical ingredients. We are here to help you create some of those high-quality, luxury recipes without the years of study, research, and practice. (We’ve done all of that for you!)

Together, these recipes offer you three approaches to natural skin care—for your face, your body, and your lips. (You are definitely going to love this DIY lip balm; we think you’ll want to keep your homemade lip balm with you and use it throughout the day!)

Before we get started, we want to touch on something very important.

All of our ingredients in these recipes are 100% pure.

The essential oils are organic, organically raised, or wildcrafted. They are lab-tested to ensure they don’t include synthetics, pesticide residues, or other unwanted ingredients.

The carriers—like jojoba oil and shea butter—are not processed, or as minimally processed as possible, and never include any additional ingredients. This preserves the raw, natural benefits, such as essential fatty acids and vitamins, inherent in the butters and oils.

Please treat your skin with love and care! Be sure to use only the best!

1. Bedtime Skin Oil

Replenish and restore your skin every night with this natural serum. 

Using a good night serum restores your skin from daily stressors, such as the weather, sunlight, and pollutants or irritants in the environment.

Our recipe is made with luxurious oils that support skin cells as they heal and restore themselves—including rich pomegranate seed oil, which contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and is known as one of the most potent antioxidants in the natural world.

We’ve also included “liquid gold”—argan oil—a light, silky oil that offers antioxidants such as vitamin E, and has long been used in natural skin care, and is amazing for mature skin.

Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax. Its molecular structure means it has a very long shelf life and offers stability to natural skin care products (and to the skin itself).

And finally, we have two incredible, nourishing essential oils for skin—lavender and carrot seed!

Lavender may be the most famous essential oil of all for skin care and this is due to its versatility, its gentle but strong nature, and its ability to support rejuvenation.

Carrot seed is another well-known essential oil for skin care, able to offer balance and clarity to the complexion. (We’re also using carrot seed in the whipped body butter recipe below.)

2. Carrot Cake Whipped Body Butter

Deeply moisturize your body with this natural body butter.

The main ingredient in this nourishing, natural skin care product is organic shea butter, which is full of natural antioxidants, like vitamins A and E.

Be sure to use shea butter that’s raw and unrefined (refined shea butter is often treated with a hexane solvent that removes the butter’s natural therapeutic properties).

Vanilla-infused jojoba is simply pure jojoba that’s been allowed to infuse with vanilla! It closely resembles the natural oils produced by our skin (called “sebum”) making it an excellent choice for a DIY homemade moisturizer.

We also included coconut oil to round out the base of this incredible body butter! Coconut oil is a “staple” in natural skin care, and with good reason! It is chock-full of natural fatty acids and antioxidants.

As promised, carrot seed is one of our essential oils for skin in this recipe! Skin loves this essential oil, and it has such a rich, warm, perfume-like aroma, that we named our body butter for it. The “spicy oils” in this natural skin care product—ginger and clove bud—add their warmth and zest.

Want to experiment a little? Kpangnan butter makes an excellent substitute for shea butter in this recipe!

3. Tropical Cocoa Lip Balm

Soothe dry lips with this natural lip balm

This is a rich, decadent homemade lip balm that soothes and nourishes dry, depleted lips.

Cocoa butter and beeswax combine to lend some firmness to this balm, still allowing it to glide smoothly over the lips. Cocoa butter is extremely rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins (including 5 IU of vitamin E per oz!) We recommend using raw, unrefined cocoa butter in your homemade skin care products, so it retains its therapeutic properties (and its rich, chocolatey aroma!)

Vanilla-infused jojoba and coconut oil make this balm softer and silkier. Coconut oil has one of the highest natural presences of lauric acid and is one of the finest, most widely used natural moisturizers in natural skin care.

Our lime essential oil is steam distilled, not cold-pressed. The steam distillation removes any concerns of phototoxicity (cold-pressed lime essential oil is phototoxic and causes skin reactions in sunlight, but steam distilled lime is not phototoxic). So, go ahead and enjoy your Tropical Cocoa Lip Balm even on sunny days!

Crafting natural skin care products that work for you

Effective skin care doesn’t have to include synthetics or chemicals.

And homemade skin care doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated.

Once you have a few recipes that you love—and a resource for natural ingredients that you can trust 100%—you can DIY natural skin care products that work for YOU and can even make products for people you care about.

Seeing others find a natural skin care product that really, truly works (and knowing that you made that product for them) is so fulfilling.

If you make one of these skin care products, or if you just love the ingredients, share your experience below to help others! Your input can offer a lot of support to people just learning.

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