Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects 6-14% of our population. While light therapy is the most common treatment for SAD, a holistic approach incorporating essential oils is recommended for best results. Having lived in a northern climate for several years, I have experienced SAD indirectly on several occasions through the experience of friends.

Along with increased exposure to light, regular exercise, and good nutrition, an aromatic bath before bedtime can greatly enhance sleep and provide a psychologically rejuvenating experience. As light is very important in combating SAD, you may wish to use candles for atmosphere while leaving the lights on. Finish the preparation of your bath with essential oils and Himalayan salts.

Bath Salt Recipe

Recipe Ingredient Breakdown

1. Rose Absolute Oil

Emotionally uplifting and an effective tonic for the nervous system, rose absolute has a beautiful floral aroma. Rose is known to be a sedative, easing shock, grief, and depression. As the fragrant healing aroma of rose surrounds us, our emotions are soothed and anger melts away: a beautiful oil to ease grief and depression.

2. Jasmine Absolute Oil

Jasmine is prized for its exotic floral fragrance! An antidepressant that stimulates and strengthens the spirit, jasmine helps to relieve depression and diminish fears. This remarkable oil also increases self-confidence resulting in feelings of optimism.

3. Mandarin Green Oil

Mandarin has a rich orange aroma that is very energizing and helps to relieve anxiety and depression. Mandarin, also a sedative, helps to release and circulate stagnant energy. This oil has additional positive effects for sore muscles, colds, and sinus congestion.

4. Vetiver Oil

Vetiver has a smoky, earthy aroma that boosts your immune system as you wear it! Vetiver oil is cooling and calming. It helps to reduce insomnia while supporting and strengthening the nervous system. As a tonic, Vetiver strengthens and restores vitality and is very grounding.

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