Stocking stuffers are sweet little holiday gifts.

They’re typically shared before a big celebration where more gifts are exchanged (like an appetizer before a meal), but you can give stocking stuffers in any way you like. They make perfect “Secret Santa” gifts and presents for co-workers.

This post will give you 5 ideas for the best aromatherapy stocking stuffers to bring a smile to a friend’s face! We’ll also share some fun ways to sustainably wrap your aromatherapy stocking stuffers!

Top 5 Aromatherapy Stocking Stuffers

1. Wild Orange Foaming Hand Soap

Year after year, Wild Orange Foaming Hand Soap is one of our most popular holiday recipes! Bright, fruity orange wild oil combines with Scotch pine for a fresh, foresty aroma, as liquid castile soap cleanses hands without leaving skin too dry.

The recipe page is for the 250 ml bottle (perfect for a bathroom sink).To make a smaller 50 ml bottle (easy to carry in a bag or keep in a desk drawer), reduce

2. Carrot Cake Lip Balm

Your friends will love this lip-smacking, spicy balm! Made with nutty kpangnan butter, vanilla-infused jojoba, and spice oils, this buttery-smooth balm warms and moisturizes lips while restoring a soft, nourished texture.

Pair this DIY lip balm with a handmade Carrot Cake Body Butter for the perfect body care set!

3. Burly Beard Oil

Help a friend turn a gnarly, unruly beard into one that’s smooth and touchably soft! This DIY recipe is made with black spruce, cedarwood, and sandalwood for an irresistibly masculine scent, while jojoba oil conditions hair and moisturizes skin.

4. Sunshine Blend

Pick up one of our top-selling pre-made blends: Sunshine! This warm, sparkling combination of citrus oils invites a burst of energy and optimism into every day. (Say good-bye to low energy!)

Use it in a convenient roll-on bottle, pre-diluted and ready for topical use, or bring a ray of Sunshine into your friend’s home by getting the 10 ml dropper bottle, perfect for diffusers.

5. Mountain Bandits Oil

‘Tis the season to help friends keep their immunity strong! Give a bottle of our popular immune-support blend, Mountain Bandits. Your friends can add a few drops of this spicy, sweet oil to a diffuser, inhaler, body oil, natural cleaning products, and more.

Still looking for stocking stuffer inspiration?

Browse more popular aromatherapy stocking stuffer ideas—such as Lavender Linen Spray, our Catching Zzz’s blend, and a DIY loose resin incense set—on our blog:

Top 10 Essential Oil Holiday Gifts

Wrap your aromatherapy stocking stuffers sustainably!

Respecting the environment is our guiding principle at Aromatics. We highly encourage you to wrap your holiday gifts and aromatherapy stocking stuffers sustainably! Try reusing the packing materials that come in your Aromatics order.

Your order will be shipped in beautiful muslin bags and compostable void filler. Even our “styrofoam” packing peanuts are actually biodegradable—they’re made out of corn. (Hold one under water and watch it dissolve!) Discover our eco-friendly packaging.

And it’s not against the rules to avoid “packaging” altogether.

Tie a festive ribbon around your stocking stuffer, or wrap your gift in a beautiful scarf or handkerchief. If you’re feeling playful, stick with the “stocking stuffer” theme and find a cute holiday stocking to slip your gift into! Your friend can keep the stocking and use it to decorate their home (or to give a gift to someone else).

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December 01, 2020 — Karen Williams