Essential Oil

Blue Tansy Oil

Tanacetum annuum

Blue tansy essential oil’s sweet, herbaceous scent can calm worries, inspiring relaxation and optimism. (There are also hints of camphor in its aroma.) This is a potent blue oil that helps soothe sore, tender skin, muscles, and joints. Blue tansy can encourage the body’s natural repair process, making recovery feel more comfortable. Our sustainably wildcrafted blue tansy essential oil is steam distilled from golden flowers growing wild in the Moroccan countryside. Its characteristic blue color comes from the natural component chamazulene, also found in German chamomile and yarrow essential oils.

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Benefits and uses

The beautiful golden flowering tops of the Tanacetum annuum perennial plant create a gorgeous dark blue oil that is sweet, herbaceous, and slightly camphor-like. This cooling essential oil is useful for soothing topical inflammation and when looking to ease itchy bug bites. We will occasionally put a drop of oil “neat” on to the skin to act as a topical antihistamine. Blue tansy essential oil can help ease unwanted muscle spasms and also help reduce the presence of unwanted bacterial, fungal, or viral activity. This essential oil is often used to help ease nerve pain, acute arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Emotionally and energetically, blue tansy essential oil relaxes and encourages. This essential oil soothes an over-worried mind and can help promote relaxation, especially if one is feeling impatient or particularly stressed.

Plant Part
  • Flowers
Botanical Family
Extraction Methods
Steam Distilled
  • Middle
Chemical Families
  • Ketones
  • Monoterpenes
  • Camphoraceous
  • Herbaceous
  • Sweet
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4 years

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