Transforming your life starts with setting intentions.

Making true change in your life begins with mindfulness, and with setting actionable intentions. It requires inspiration, determination, persistence, and faith in yourself. Deciding to make a change in your life is a courageous act!

You can use essential oils on every step of your journey. They can help you find your inspiration, and tap into the inner resources to manifest change.

Let’s look at three essential oils that can help you tap into your heart’s guidance, and dissolve any obstacles toward following it!

Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

If you’re not sure exactly what change you’d like to make, give yourself a little headspace to figure it out. Start with using some of your favorite essential oils for mindfulness to get into a meditative, contemplative state.

Lavender essential oil is a great choice! It’s been proven to calm the body and mind, helping you release tension that’s stored in your muscles while easing worries.

The recipe below is a room spray with lavender essential oil. Mist it around your room to create a calm, secure atmosphere. Then get mindful! Ask your heart what it truly wants, and listen without judging yourself.

You might also notice your mind popping in with objections for why your dreams aren’t possible. That’s okay! Lavender can comfort you as tense thoughts arise. Just pay attention and reassure yourself that if your heart truly wants something, you have the intelligence and strength to figure it out.


Bergamot Oil (Citrus bergamia)

Bergamot essential oil offers all the calm reassurance of lavender, with a warm, uplifting hint of citrus! It relaxes your system while supporting a good mood.

If you ever find yourself discouraged that your dreams feel out of reach, or maybe you’re too stressed out to even acknowledge your dreams in the first place, bergamot can help. Its encouraging scent inspires joy as you envision your future. That’s important, because it’s hard to make a positive change if you can only feel discouraged.

Use this Breathe & Be Confident Inhaler to stir warm, happy feelings. It helps you get in an upbeat state of mind—like dancing to your favorite song!—so your ideas flow more freely and you can create a step-by-step plan of action for making a change.


Black Pepper Oil (Piper nigrum)

Setting intentions and achieving your goals takes confidence, motivation, and persistence—all things that black pepper essential oil offers!

Black pepper’s warm, spicy scent gets your energy flowing. It helps dispel heavy, negative energy that holds you back, and propels you forward to take actions toward your dreams. The recipe below is for a Get Up & Moving Inhaler with black pepper and other warming oils. Use it when you need an infusion of clarity and drive!

Black pepper is also a good ally when it comes to leaving behind old habits. It’s even being studied for its ability to help people quit smoking!


Get all 3 oils in 1 blend: Fresh Start!

Support yourself with a ready-made blend for positive transformations. Fresh Start includes all three of the oils above—lavender, bergamot, and black pepper—along with an additional oil that helps you stay grounded while unlocking inner strength: angelica root. (Angelica root’s aroma is complex and luxurious, making it popular among natural perfumers.)

It comes in a 10 ml bottle so you can add drops to your diffuser or your favorite carrier. Or you can get a ready-to-use roll-on bottle to take on the go.

Our lead aromatherapist, Karen, formulated Fresh Start to help you let go of the past, get in touch with your dreams, and bring them into reality.


Set your intentions for the New Year!

You can transform your life at any time, but the beginning of the year is a popular turning point for a lot of people.

What are your goals for this coming year? Do you want to boost your health and fitness routines, make some changes in your career, or maybe find more ways to live a natural lifestyle—free of toxins and harsh chemicals?

Whatever your goals, essential oils can help! Keep moving forward with the tips in our blog post, Make (and keep!) New Year’s Resolutions with Essential Oils.


Grab these essentials


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January 07, 2022 — Karen Williams