Top Valentine’s Day gifts for romance, friendship, and self-care

Celebrate romance and friendship! Treat yourself and others this Valentine’s Day with gifts to share aromatherapy for love.
Top Valentine’s Day gifts for romance, friendship, and self-care

Scents can have a big impact on your emotions—they can perk you up, relax you, inspire confidence, and more. Finding the right scent can help open your heart to love, whether it’s a romantic night with your partner, or nurturing self-care.

This post is chock-full of ideas for using aromatherapy for love this Valentine’s Day! You’ll discover popular essential oils for love, plus aromatherapy gift ideas and recipes for everyone you care for.

Aromatherapy for love!

Some scents are often associated with love. Like florals!

As “heart notes,” floral essential oils have rich scents that inspire comfort, forgiveness, and love. Florals also bring beauty into our lives—just like flowers themselves. (Learn how floral oils nurture our hearts, skin, and more.)

But everyone’s nose is different.

Rose is a heart note that’s often associated with love . . . but that doesn’t mean every nose loves rose! And some people who like the aroma of roses don’t associate it with love at all. It might remind them of playing in their grandmother’s garden when they were little. Others might have been around roses while going through a rough break-up, and prefer to avoid the scent of the flowers altogether.

Why does this matter? Because. . .

Using aromatherapy for love is all about choosing scents that make your heart sing.

We can suggest the gift ideas and recipes below, but nothing is “one size fits all.”

That said, we’ve included something for everyone in our Valentine’s Day Collection! You’ll find essential oils, hydrosols, carriers with subtle, barely-there scents, and ready-made products that you don’t have to blend at all!

What can you do with the products in the Valentine’s Day Collection? Here are some gift ideas and recipes to spark your inspiration. These suggestions work for all genders—it just depends on what scents you like!

Valentine’s gifts for romance!

Let’s kick things off with romantic Valentine’s Day oils & products you can share with your significant other, or give as a gift. These products can help you feel secure, confident, and connected to one another. The more you’re able to create an atmosphere of safety and warmth, the more open you can be with your loved one—and the more sensual and spicy things can get!

Head Over Heels Blend

Spark your passion! This intoxicating, floral, earthy blend comes ready to use in a roll-on or a 10 ml bottle (add drops to your diffuser or favorite carrier).

Vanilla Absolute Oil

The perfect oil for an intoxicating massage! Blend vanilla absolute into a base of jojoba oil to heighten your senses and connect more closely with that special someone. 

Note: Have you ever used Vanilla Absolute? It works differently in products than our vanilla oleoresin does. Vanilla absolute can be a bit easier to work with than oleoresin, as it pours and dissolves more readily in oils. (It dissolves about 90% into an oil-based blend.) And the aroma is amazing!

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood’s soft, woody aroma has been used for centuries to inspire peace. Use it to create a sacred space between you and your partner where trust and sensuality flow freely.

Recipes for romance!

Valentine’s gifts for your friends

Show your friends some love this Valentine’s Day! Friendships fill our lives with happiness, laughter, and love—and friends are there for us to lean on when we need them most. These aromatherapy products make warm gifts that show you care, and give your friends a chance to feel nurtured and appreciated.

Victorian Blend Hydrosol

Your friend can turn their home into a cozy bungalow with this hydrosol! The blend of rose, lavender, and lemon verbena has a sweet, floral aroma that inspires an open heart.

Eye of the Tiger Blend

You believe in your friends—now help them believe in themselves! Eye of the Tiger is our ready-made blend that sparks confidence and courage. Get it in a roll-on or 10 ml bottle (add drops to a diffuser or your favorite carrier).

Geranium Oil

Sweet and floral, geranium has earned a top place in many aromatherapy collections! It helps people break through emotional & creative blocks, and inspires optimism.

Recipes for friendship

Make recipes that help your friends nourish their skin, open their hearts, and treat their feet with a rejuvenating scrub! Or consider hosting a Galentine’s Day celebration where you and your friends make these beautiful recipes together!

Valentine’s gifts for YOU!

No matter how many other relationships you have, they all have one thing in common: YOU! Self love is important. It builds your sense of worth from the inside out, allowing you to show up more fully for everyone else who holds a significant place in your heart. As a result, your relationships will flourish and grow stronger than ever. Here are some of our favorite products for self-love.

Harmony Blend

Roll on this ready-to-use blend to balance your emotions. Neroli and orange dance with warm Peru Balsam to help you feel stress-free, connected to yourself and others.

Blood Orange Hydrosol

Mist the fresh, sparkly scent of citrus around your home! Blood orange hydrosol also makes a refreshing, purifying face tonic—and a teaspoon tastes delicious in sparkling water!

Rose Absolute Oil

A classic for Valentine’s Day! Just a drop or two of this potent floral can calm anxious feelings, settle a worried spirit, and help you appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Recipes for self-love!

Use these recipes to foster forgiveness, balance your emotions, soothe your stress, and find a deep sense of appreciation for who you are. You bring so much beauty into the world!

Shop the Valentine’s Day Collection & More

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to use aromatherapy for love! To get into the spirit, we’ve put together an incredible Valentine’s Day Collection you can gift to loved ones or use to indulge in a bit of personal pampering! Shop the full collection here

Need some more DIY inspiration? Check out our blog, "How to Use EOs for Valentine's Day + DIY Recipes" and discover more unique ways to show you care!

Which oils are ideal for celebrating love? We listed our top 12 Essential Oils for Valentine's Day, so you can find that perfect aroma for that special someone. 

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