How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day + DIY Recipes

This Valentine's Day, show how much you care with essential oil-infused DIY recipes. Perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere or...
How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day + DIY Recipes

Whether you're looking for a romantic evening, hoping to attract love, or just wanting to treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC, essential oil recipes for Valentine's Day can help open up the heart and mind and encourage greater, deeper love.

After all, all you need is love… and essential oils. We hope these recipes will help you create the perfect atmosphere this Valentine’s Day (or any day of the year!).

In our previous blog we highlighted 12 Essential Oils for Valentine's Day, here are a few ways to use those love-igniting essential oils to help set the mood for a romantic night or to pamper your beloved and/or yourself.

Let us know what your favorite love-enhancing essential oils are in the comments below. Have a romantic blend of your own? We’d love to hear about it!

A Loving Roll On Blend

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Roll On Blend Aromatics International

A roll-on essential oil blend is a great way to pamper your significant other this Valentine's Day. This All About Love blend includes the sweet and calming scents of yuzu, cardamom, rose absolute, patchouli and vanilla jojoba oils.

Yuzu essential oil has been used in traditional Japanese culture as an aphrodisiac while cardamom helps to promote feelings of love and belonging. Rose absolute oil is a powerful base note that provides a luxurious bouquet when blended with the other oils. Patchouli essential oil helps to further create an atmosphere of romance and passion, while vanilla infused jojoba rounds out the blend as a nourishing moisturizer for skin.

A Sensual Massage Oil

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Massage Oil Blend Aromatics International

A massage oil blend like Sensual Massage Oil is a great way to spoil your significant other for Valentine's Day! Not only does the blend provide an aromatic experience with the subtle notes of red mandarin, ylang ylang, sandalwood and jojoba that your partner will love. It has also been proven to have therapeutic benefits.

The essential oils found in the blend have antiseptic properties which can help heal skin irritations, as well as anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce swelling and muscle pain. The jojoba oil in the blend also helps moisturize dry skin and provide nourishment. Furthermore, massaging with this oil blend can help reduce stress levels that keep your relationship healthy. Not only is it a wonderful sensory engagement due to its pleasing scent but it also promotes relaxation and tension relief, making it an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

A Bath or Shower Scrub

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Shower Scrub Aromatics International

Pamper yourself and your partner with the perfect gift - an Alluring Bath & Shower Body Salt Scrub. Blended with cardamom, rosemandarin and a touch of patchouli essential oils to awaken both body and soul. Plus, two types of pink Himalayan salt work to exfoliate and soften the skin. Whether it's Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year – scrub away stress in this sensorial experience as part of any morning or evening ritual!

A Romantic Linen Spray

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Linen Spray Aromatics International

Invoke the perfect romantic mood this Valentine's Day with a special blend of essential oils in a linen spray. Gently mist your bed sheets and experience an aromatherapy ambience like never before! Try our Refreshing Rose Body Spray - its unique combination of floral rose otto & earthy myrrh produces a fresh, sweet and delicately rosey scent worth lingering over! While it was formulated for topical use, it makes a wonderful linen spray!

The addition of solubol dispersant or vegetable glycerin will help distribute the essential oils evenly throughout the hydrosol or water, and make it safe for topical use as well.

Scented Valentine’s Day Cards

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Scented Valentine's Day Card Aromatics International

A fun way to spice up Valentine’s Day cards and gifts for both adults and kids! Spray your Valentine's Day cards with 1-2 sprays of your favorite hydrosol to leave a lasting aromatic impression on all of your cards. This is a fun way to get children involved with aromatherapy!

Try this Valentine's Day Card Spray recipe featuring a blend of blood orange, victorian blend, lavender artisan, and rosehip hydrosols. An essential oil-free blend of gentle, aromatic hydrosols guaranteed to set your valentine’s apart from the rest.

A Luxurious Foot Soak

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Foot Soak Aromatics International

Enjoy a rejuvenating experience this Valentine's Day with a Blissful Jasmine Foot Soak - an indulgent blend perfect for either treating yourself or that special someone. Formulated with soothing essential oils, jojoba and pink Himalayan salts, it helps to moisturize feet while delivering lasting benefits all year long! Let the gentle aromas of red mandarin, jasmine absolute and vetiver revitalize your spirit as you pamper both soul and body alike.

A "Set-the-Mood" Diffuser Blend

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day In a Diffuser Aromatics International

An essential oil diffuser blend can help set the perfect mood for a romantic Valentine's Day. Rose absolute is known to be one of the most romantic aromas, and it can create an aura of love and joy. Balsam copaiba oleoresin has a sweet, rich scent with earthy notes that can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Geranium oil creates an air of relaxation and helps reduce stress levels, making it ideal for setting a calm environment for an intimate evening. All these oils together create an indulgent atmosphere, full of sensuality and passion that will make your Valentine's day even more special.

Tip: Use 4-6 total drops of essential oil for a small diffuser, 8-10 total drops in a large diffuser.

A Custom Perfume

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Perfume Aromatics International

Create a unique and personal fragrance to evoke special moments with your love, or give it away as the perfect thoughtful gift. Our Love Potion Perfume Oil recipe is sure to bring an alluring aroma of floral, citrus and vanilla scents that will surely attract attention! Spread some lavender-kissed love today with this sweetly sensual blend.

Make This Valentine’s Day Special

This Valentine's Day, create a special experience with these simple DIY aromatherapy ideas. From custom perfumes to romantic diffuser blends, there are plenty of ways to treat yourself and your loved ones that will make the day extra special.

With these easy-to-make recipes and tips, you can enjoy aromatic bliss that is sure to take your Valentine's Day to the next level.

Need some more gift ideas? Check out our blog, "Top Valentine's Day gifts for romance, friendship, and self-care" and find some inspiration.

Click here to Shop our Valentine's Day Collection and get everything you need to make all of the recipes in this blog. Or grab the essentials below. Enjoy!

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