We've created a list of 8 of our favorite ways to use essential oils for Valentine's Day. In our previous blog we highlighted 12 Essential Oils for Valentine's Day, here are a few ways to use those love-igniting essential oils to help set the mood for a romantic night or to pamper your beloved and/or yourself:

1. In an Inhaler

how to use essential oils for valentine's day blank inhaler

Using essential oils in a personal inhaler allows you to take the therapeutic aromas with you wherever you go. They also make perfect, fun gifts. Get creative and use special colors for Valentine’s Day such as pink, red, white, or magenta! For an inhaler that uses a small wick, use 15-18 total drops of essential oil. For a large wick, use 18-21 total drops. (To make an inhaler for children, only use 5-8 total drops!)

2. In a Massage Oil

how to use essential oils for valentine's day sensual massage oil recipe

Nothing says romance like a sensual massage. Blend a few stimulating oils in a silky-smooth carrier oil for an extra-special massage.

3. In a Bath or Shower Scrub

how to use essential oils for valentine's day shower scrub recipe

This is another great way to spoil yourself or your partner. Or how about both? Awaken the senses and brighten your mood with an invigorating shower to start your day! Or, relax after a long day with a sensual aromatic bath.

4. In a Linen Spray

how to use essential oils for valentine's day linen spray

Make your favorite Valentine’s Day essential oil blend and add it to a spray bottle filled with hydrosol or water. Shake well, then spritz on your bed linens to create the perfect mood for a little romance! Optionally, you can add Solubol dispersant to your blend to help the oils disperse better within the water-based hydrosol or water.

5. Scented Valentine’s Day Cards

How to use essential oils for valentine's day scented cards recipe

A fun way to spice up Valentine’s Day cards and gifts for both adults and kids! Hydrosols are also a great option to use for this, especially when using for the kiddos. We love using Blood Orange and/or Lavender hydrosols. Spray your Valentine's Day cards with 1-2 sprays of your favorite hydrosol to leave a lasting aromatic impression on all of your cards. This is a fun way to get children involved with aromatherapy!

6. As a Foot Soak

how to use essential oils for valentine's day foot soak

Want to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day? Treat yourself to a lovely foot soak. Try this Blissful Jasmine Foot Soak Recipe.

7. In a Diffuser

how to use essential oils for valentine's day diffuser

Fill a whole space with an enchanting aroma that will bewitch the senses and set the mood for your desired atmosphere. Use 4-6 total drops of essential oil for a small diffuser, 8-10 total drops in a large diffuser.

8. As a Perfume

how to use essential oils for valentine's day perfume

Craft some beautiful perfume for yourself, your beloved, or to give away as gifts. Try our Love Potion Perfume Oil recipe or use it as a template to create your own blend!

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August 10, 2020 — Karen Williams