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Whether you are looking to inspire romance with your partner or foster self-love and healing for yourself, using essential oils for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to encourage love and usher in intimacy on the deepest of levels. We’re excited to show you our favorite essential oils for love and how to use them to help set the mood, enhance sensuality and passion, provide that extra bit of courage, and open up the heart, mind, and spirit. No matter your relationship status, these beautiful essential oils and sensual blends can help make your Valentine’s Day better.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day

It never ceases to amaze how essential oils can uplift and heal the mind, body, and spirit. It is something that even our most distant ancestors knew and, today, scientific research is beginning to validate more and more. The power of essential oils is truly remarkable and when it comes to nurturing romance and encouraging love, essential oils do not disappoint! Essential oils can help kindle the spark of romance and encourage love in a number of ways. They can help open up the heart, uplift and give courage to the mind, enhance sensuality, have aphrodisiac-like effects, promote acceptance and healing, and help one connect with their inner being, just to name a few. Here are a few of our favorite essential oils for Valentine's day that inspire love and their emotional and energetic properties:

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Blog balsam copaiba oil

1. Balsam Copaiba Oil

Copaifera officinalis

This radiant, exotic, earthy, sensual oil is crafted from the beautiful, amber-colored resin of a tree that grows wild in the rainforests of Brazil. Balsam copaiba oil encourages emotional healing on all levels, offers quiet support, and helps usher in profound tranquility.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day cardamom oil

2. Cardamom Oil

Elettaria cardamomum

This warm, sweet and spicy oil is balancing, uplifting, and energizing. Cardamom is also comforting and can help encourage circulation and warmth.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day geranium oil

3. Geranium Oil

Pelargonium graveolens var roseum

This beautiful, herbaceous essential oil is uplifting, soothing, and comforting. It helps stabilize and offers emotional support. Geranium oil expands the imagination and provides greater intuition. It can also help increase the capacity for initiating intimate communication.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day ginger oil

4. Ginger Oil

Zingiber officinale

This spicy, sweet oil helps warm and stabilize. It can restore motivation and willpower and may help spice up vitality and libido.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day jasmine absolute sambac jasmine absolute grandiflorium

5. Jasmine Absolute Sambac Oil / Jasmine Absolute Oil

Jasminum grandiflorum / Jasminum sambac

These gorgeous, incredibly floral, sensual jasmine absolutes are our favorites for using to stimulate and inspire love. Jasmine can help increase confidence, release unwanted inhibitions, and promote feelings of optimism.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Mandarin Red Oil

6. Mandarin (Red) Oil

Citrus reticulata

This delightfully citrusy oil is so helpful for releasing and recirculating stagnant, blocked energy. Mandarin oil is wonderful for inspiring greater self-care and can offer amazing emotional support. Mandarin oil is also a great choice when needing an extra boost of confidence.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day patchouli oil

7. Patchouli Oil

Pogostemon cablin

This earthy, herbaceous oil is so incredibly balancing and calming to mind, body, and spirit. Patchouli is one of the best oils for opening the heart and mind, heightening the senses, and for helping one connect with their inner sensual being.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day rose otto oil rose absolute

8. Rose Absolute Oil / Rose Otto Oil

Rosa x damascena / Rosa x damascena Rose has long been associated with the heart and with love. This intoxicating, sweet, rosy oil is incredibly healing and nurturing to the heart and can help usher in increased feelings of love. Rose oil is also often recommended for helping recover from a loss of self-esteem stemming from rejection or betrayal. It is a beautiful choice for helping repair and return a sense of self-love.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day sandalwood oil

9. Sandalwood Oil

Santalum album

This sensual, exotic, woodsy oil is so helpful for supporting inner unity, deeper meditation, and fostering greater self-acceptance. Sandalwood encourages and protects emotionally and energetically.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day vanilla absolute vanilla oleoresin

10. Vanilla Absolute / Vanilla Oleoresin

Vanilla planifolia / Vanilla planifolia

The sensual, rich, vanilla aroma of both this oleoresin and the absolute are perfect for adding a sensual element to your blends. Vanilla encourages, calms, and uplifts. It is known to heighten the senses and is a popular choice for blends intended for elevating desire, passion, and all-things romance!

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day vetiver oil

11. Vetiver Oil

Vetiveria zizanoides

This earthy, deep, woodsy, slightly sweet oil is a beautiful choice for helping bring balance and calm to mind, body, and spirit. Vetiver oil grounds and protects, helping us connect with the earth and positive energy all around us. It also offers emotional support.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day ylang ylang oil

12. Ylang Ylang Oil

Cananga odorata var Genuina

This richly floral, sensual oil well known to promote sensual awakening and can encourage feelings of euphoria. It can also help usher in peace, balance, and calm.

Aromatics Essentials® Blends for Valentine's Day

If you are looking for blends that are ready to go as soon as you get them, you will love our Aromatics Essentials® Blends. These gorgeous blends are expertly formulated to help you with a multitude of different needs ranging from headache and pain relief to elevating passion and confidence. To celebrate Valentine's Day we've bundled a few of our favorite blends ideal for the holiday!

Here are two of our blends bundles that are perfect for Valentine’s Day:


Essential Oils for Vale

1. Valentine's Blend Bundle

-Head Over Heels Blend

This enchanting, radiant blend helps spark passion, encourages sensual awakening, release unwanted inhibitions, and opens up the heart and mind. A true “love potion” if there ever was one!

- Eye of the Tiger Blend

This uplifting, strengthening blend helps inspire courage and gives you that extra boost of confidence so you can conquer your fears. Perfect for helping you finally ask out your crush!

- Harmony Blend

This velvety, sensual blend inspires inner harmony and sweet, beautiful serenity. It helps usher in peace, positivity, greater spiritual awareness, and emotional balance. Can also help heal deep emotional wounds.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Jasmine Blend Trio Bundle

2. Jasmine Blends Bundle

- Simply Jasmine Blend

This simply gorgeous jasmine blend has a divine floral aroma that is sweet, enticing, radiant, and slightly herbaceous. Jasmine sambac absolute can also help spark and fuel the beautiful energy, enthusiasm, and passion that you may need.

- Summer Jasmine Blend This peaceful, sensual blend has a divine floral aroma that is sweet, citrusy, earthy, peppery, herbaceous, and oh-so-lovely. These alluring, captivating oils open the heart and soul, helping to heighten the senses, release unwanted inhibitions, balance overthinking and worry, provide emotional support, and recirculate stagnant, blocked energy.

- Vanilla Jasmine Blend This irresistible Vanilla Jasmine blend is great for moisturizing dry skin and has a divine floral aroma that is warm, sweet, radiant, and oh-so-tempting. This sensual Vanilla Jasmine blend is so warmly satisfying and alluring.

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