Caring for the earth from plant to package

We're here to help you in your pursuit of natural wellness by providing pure, sustainably sourced essential oils, natural aromatherapy products, and the resources you need to feel informed and confident.

Starting at the source

Each of our essential oils, hydrosols, and blends is created with respect for nature and without chemical pesticides. We get to know our producers, ensuring that we only source products that are organically grown, wildcrafted, or certified organic, depending on the cultures and practices of the places around the world where the plants grow best.


means that the plant is discovered and harvested in its natural habitat, without being farmed. When it comes to wildcrafting, we ensure that plants are not overharvested, leaving a vital population to seed and grow in future years.

Organically grown

means that farmers plant, cultivate, and harvest following natural, organic practices, but have not gone through a formal certification process.

Certified Organic

is a designation for farmers who have gone through an official certification process to prove that they follow organic practices. While certification is a meaningful process, there are many parts of the world where it is either unavailable or impractical.

Small-scale producers

We work with farmers, distillers, and producers who follow traditional practices and create with integrity, valuing quality over profit. These small-scale producers are invested in the land, creating a future for aromatherapy by giving back to the earth more than they take away.

Eco-friendly shipping, printing, and packaging

We consider our impact on the earth at each step of our process. We use 99% sustainable packaging that eliminates single-use plastics in favor of biodegradable and compostable materials. we stick to plant-based inks and recycled materials for printing. And we encourage recycling or re-use for all of our packaging and containers.


Unique, gentle lemongrass oil produced with respect for the land

Gupreet creates a beautiful, rhodinol-rich lemongrass on his family farm in India

Purity and quality that’s tested and trusted

Each of our products are tested and proven to be 100% pure, all-natural, and effective, supporting your mind, body, and spirit as nature intended.