Purity & Quality

100% pure, therapeutic quality products to support health and well-being

We provide the highest quality natural products available anywhere and rigorously test them to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Therapeutic quality

Therapeutic quality means that all of our essential oils are tested for purity and include the ideal chemical profiles to offer health and wellness benefits. According to industry standards, there are no grades of essential oils, only pure oils or impure oils. Ours are 100% pure and ideal for therapeutic use.

Purity tested

We validate each essential oil we sell using GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) testing. GC/MS testing allows us to see a breakdown of the elements found within each oil as well as their percentages. This test is critical, but it's only the first step in determining the purity and quality of our essential oils. Each test report is interpreted by an expert third-party chemist who checks our essential oils for the appropriate chemical profile as well as any substances that should not be present. From there, the Aromatics International Team works with our in-house chemist to review and validate the information and format it for our website. By the time our products are ready to ship, they have been thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure their purity and quality.

Free from pesticides, synthetic ingredients, and other chemicals

The highest-quality essential oils start with healthy plants, grown in their native climate without the use of chemcial pesticides. Our producers work with plants that are organically grown, wildcrafted, or certified organic to ensure a fully natural product. We complete GC/MS tests as an affirmation of the care our producers put into their products and to ensure that they are free of harmful chemicals or additives.

Bottled, stored, and treated with care

To ensure freshness and extend the shelf-life of our products, we top our bottles with nitrogen gas before storing them in a dark, temperature-controlled space. This process delays oxidation which can impact the quality of essential oils.

Ethical aromatherapy

Our values are at the heart of everything we do to support the aromatherapy community, our producers, and our planet.