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German Chamomile Hydrosol: A Closer Look

German Chamomile Hydrosol is one of our favorite products to reach for when one needs to calm and soothe irritation and inflammation. Profoundly comforting to body, mind, and spirit, the gentle but strong effect of the German Chamomile plant makes it one of the top choices for children and people with highly sensitive skin.

German chamomile is an herbaceous annual plant that grows in a bushy shrub with daisy-like flowers on long stems that reach up to 3 feet tall. It is native to western and southern Europe, parts of Asia, and North Africa. (Not to be confused with Roman chamomile, which is a perennial plant that only grows to about 1 foot tall!) German chamomile is a popular plant for medicinal purposes and has been used in various ways by numerous cultures throughout history for its sedative, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

What is German Chamomile Hydrosol?

German Chamomile hydrosol brings a gentle richness to the practice of aromatherapy, as it is less potent than the essential oil counterpart, yet still retains the therapeutic properties of the distilled plant. German Chamomile hydrosol is energetically vibrant; yet gentle enough for those with sensitive systems, including children. German chamomile hydrosol has a myriad of possible uses thanks to its incredible anti-inflammatory and soothing properties as well as its gentleness. German Chamomile hydrosol can be used in places essential oils and some other hydrosols cannot, such as on the eyes and other super sensitive areas. In addition to assisting with the physical terrain, German chamomile hydrosol is helpful emotionally and energetically. German chamomile hydrosol is grounding and calming. It is very helpful for easing anger, frustration, anxiety, and situational depression.

If you're new to hydrosols you can learn all about these amazing aromatherapy products by reading our blog, "What is a Hydrosol?".

German Chamomile Hydrosol Uses and Benefits

The uses and benefits of German chamomile hydrosol are extensive. Some of the wonderful uses and benefits of German chamomile hydrosol include:

  • Relieve hot, irritated skin conditions – chaffed skin, rashes, etc.
    • Spray directly on the irritated area.
    • Make a compress to hold the hydrosol on the affected area longer.
  • Clean and soothe minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and other wounds
    • Spray directly on the wound and let air dry or gently pat dry the surrounding area with a clean cloth or paper towel. German chamomile hydrosol’s antibacterial activity helps clean and purify the wound while helping to ease pain and promote faster healing.
  • Soothe itchy, burning eyes
    • Make a compress with a couple cotton balls and place them directly on the eyes. Keep eyes closed.
  • Heal scars and stretch marks
    • German chamomile is cicatrisant, which means it has skin cell regenerative properties. Spray directly on the scar area or make a compress to hold the hydrosol on longer.
  • Foot spray
    • Spray directly on the feet. German chamomile has anti-fungal properties, making it perfect for relieving and healing hot, burning, itchy athlete’s foot or similar infections.
  • Alleviate unwanted muscle spasms
    • Spray on spasming, tight, tense areas.
    • Make a compress to hold the hydrosol in place longer.
  • Ease anger, frustration, anxiety, and situational depression
    • Use as a refreshing facial mist when needing to calm and cool your emotions.
    • Add to a diffuser to create an environment that is soothing and calming.
    • Spray on your linens and take a nap. Who doesn’t love a good nap, especially when feeling emotional? German chamomile hydrosol can make it even more relaxing and emotionally restorative!
  • Room spray
    • Spray around a room to restore balance and ground the energy in that space and help provide a calming, soothing atmosphere.
  • Anti-allergenic spray
    • German chamomile is excellent for relieving minor allergic reactions. Spray directly on the skin, spritz on the face, or use a compress on the eyes.
    • Add to a diffuser to help ease seasonal allergies.
  • Relieve diaper rash
    • Since German chamomile hydrosol is so gentle, it can be sprayed directly on a baby’s most sensitive areas to help soothe and relieve conditions such as diaper rash.
  • Promote sleep
    • German chamomile is so emotionally soothing, balancing, and calming, making it a perfect choice for helping promote restful sleep.
    • Make a lovely linen spray and spritz directly on your linens.
    • Add to a diffuser.

Ways to Blend with German Chamomile Hydrosol

It’s easy to see that there are many possibilities for using German chamomile hydrosol. Hydrosols also blend well together, further adding to the list of potential uses by adding more benefits and increasing effectiveness. Below are a few of our favorite German Chamomile hydrosol blending examples:

These are just a few examples. Get creative and create your own hydrosol blends! You can even add essential oils to hydrosol, just make sure you shake well before spraying or add Solubol (Dispersant) to the blend, as the oil will separate from the water.

Shelf Life and Storage of German Chamomile Hydrosol

Since hydrosols are water-based, care must be taken so they do not grow mold or become contaminated. Proper storage and care is crucial for keeping your hydrosol from going bad. If stored and properly, you can expect to get approximately a 2-year shelf life out of your German Chamomile Hydrosol.

Here are some of our tips for getting the longest possible life out of your hydrosols:

  • Store in a cool, dark place. We like to keep our hydrosols in the refrigerator.
  • Don’t touch the spray nozzle to anything that you are spraying. This can cause contamination.
  • If you open the bottle to add anything, make sure the long tube to the spray nozzle does not touch anything that can contaminate it. This includes fingers and countertops. If you must set it down, set it on a clean paper towel or spray it with alcohol and allow to dry before replacing in the bottle.

German Chamomile is Perfect for Children and Adults!

Our certified organic German chamomile hydrosol is one of our favorites, here at Aromatics International, and we think it is a must-have to keep in your medicinal arsenal, especially if you have children in your home or occasionally in your care. However, it is a beautiful choice for everyone of all ages. If you haven’t experienced this remarkable hydrosol, don’t wait and get some today!

German Chamomile Hydrosol Recipes

To get you started, we’ve included a couple recipes that we think you'll love! To find even more fun recipes, check out our recipe section HERE!

1. Adventurous Kid Owies Cleansing Spray

essential oil recipe Adventurous Kid Owies Cleansing Spray



  1. In a 2-ounce PET bottle with spray cap blend together 1 oz. each of German Chamomile hydrosol and Calendula hydrosol.
  2. Add 4 drops of Lavender Oil and 2 drops of Solubol (dispersant)
  3. Shake well to blend all ingredients together.
  4. Spray liberally on cuts and scrapes to help cleanse and heal hurting owies.

2. Little Feet Antifungal Blend

essential oil recipe Little Feet Antifungal Blend



  1. In a 4 oz. PET bottle w/spray cap blend the hydrosols and aloe vera gel.
  2. Add the essential oils and the Solubol dispersant.
  3. Blend well by gently rolling bottle. Do this each time before spraying.

Note: This is a great blend for adults, as well. If using only for adults the essential oil drops can be doubled.

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