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aluminium lip balm tins


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Aluminium Lip Balm Tins - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Citrus & Spice Solid Perfume

Radiate calm confidence with this spicy, citrusy perfume.

Warming Chest Salve

This warming chest rub is a welcome relief in helping to ea...

Happy Liver Salve

This nourishing salve is welcome during seasons of heighten...

Arnica Salve

Rejuvenate skin while easing discomfort.

Stand Strong Perfume Salve

This lovely, soft, solid beeswax perfume blend is perfect f...

Scar Salve

Say goodbye to scars!

My Poor Chapped Lip Balm

Kiss those chapped lips goodbye!

Lovely Perfume

This blend is skin nourishing, while also making you smell ...

Holiday Spice Solid Perfume

This beautiful solid perfume inspires focus, motivation, an...

Black Forest Solid Cologne

Support the men in your life with this grounding and earthy...

Hard-Working Hand Salve

When hardworking hands need a little extra nourishment, thi...

Cedarwood Mustache Wax

This natural, DIY wax is perfect for keeping that mustache ...


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