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balsam copaiba oleoresin


Application Method

Balsam Copaiba Oleoresin - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Earthy & Calming Inhaler

Usher in tranquility and calm a restless mind.

Swollen Injury Lotion

Bring welcome relief to areas that are inflamed and feel te...

Head Ease Oil with Frankincense

The next time a headache comes knocking, this blend can hel...

Muscle Aches Butter

This blend is perfect for relieving sore, painful, inflamed...

Yuzu Conifer Oil for Owies

Adults and kids alike will be asking for this owie blend du...

Hop to Spasm Comforting Oil

When spasms and uncomfortable hurting areas need to be stop...

Swollen Lymph Glands Oil

This radiant blend helps relieve sore, swollen lymph glands.

Get Up & Moving Inhaler

This beautiful, floral, grounding blend assists with motiva...

Low-Scent Sensitive Massage Oil

This mild massage oil is a game-changer for highly sensitiv...

Tingly Foot Oil

This refreshing blend helps bring relief to tired feet.

Ease The Stiffness Oil

Encourage the relaxation of painful muscles and joints.

Diarrhea Relief when Traveling Oil

This belly blend is perfect to take with you while on the go.


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