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balsam fir essential oil


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Balsam Fir Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Cold & Flu Respiratory Oil

Ease spastic coughing and congestion with beatiful balsam f...

Lumberjack Moisturizer Oil

The men in our lives often need a little skin TLC too!

Achy Cold & Flu Oil

Ease and relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Ease Those Joints Oil

Soothe and warm uncomfortable cool swelling.

Holiday Diffuser Blend

Bursting with spicy citrus and conifers, this blend is a ho...

Mental Awakening Lotion

Feeling a little sluggish? This blend helps motivate, and p...

Lemongrass Healthy Breathing Oil

Use this beautiful blend to moisturize your skin while at t...

Winter Diffuser Blend

Bring holiday aromas into your home with this sweet, spicy ...


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