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black pepper essential oil


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Black Pepper Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

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Spicy Chai Candle with a Citrus Twist

This DIY candle creates a warm ambiance with a delicious an...

Feel Good Throat Oil

Encourage throat support and a healthy immune system.

Plai Ease for Joints Oil

Ease aching joints with sweet and spicy oils.

Acute Relief Oil

This blend helps bring welcome relief for painful injuries ...

Overworked Muscle Oil

This blend of powerful essential oils is perfect for reliev...

Indian Perfume Oil

This blend is so wonderfully spicy and floral!

Joint Soothing Oil with Arnica

This essential oil recipe blended into a base of Arnica Oil...

Sore Muscles & Stress Oil

This wonderful topical blend helps ease sore, tight muscles...

Warm Those Feet Lotion

Warmer than your favorite winter socks, this blend will kee...

Warming Joint Salve

This warming salve encourages healthy, limber joints.

Exotic Immune Support Lotion

This lotion blend works to strengthen and support the immun...

Spicy Chai Diffuser Blend

Fill your space with aromas reminiscent of a hot cup of chai!


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