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cardamom essential oil


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Cardamom Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

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Queasiness Relief Inhaler

Whether traveling by car, plane or train, this nifty inhale...

Rise and Shine Energizing Oil

Start your morning off on the right foot with this sweet an...

Breathe & Be Confident Inhaler

Take deep breaths—you’ve got this!

Curb Your Appetite Inhaler

Enjoy good food without overindulging.

Warming Diffuser Blend

Create a warming atmosphere during the colder months!

Carrot Cake Lip Balm

A silky-smooth, gently warm, lip-smacking balm!

Myrtle Belly Butter

Trust these time-honored women’s oils in a relieving massag...

All About Love Oil

Open your heart with our sensual roll-on blend.

Belly Digestive Oil

Support digestion while calming tension in your belly.

On the Go Digestive Aid Oil

Don't let digestive distress or discomfort slow you down.

Relief Oil with Sugandha Kokila

This is a wonderfully warming, relieving blend.

Warming Oil with Peru Balsam

This beautiful, spicy, exotic blend brings warmth to any ar...


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