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clove bud essential oil


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Clove Bud Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Aphid-Away Spray

Take back your garden from those pesky aphids with this all...

Spicy Chai Candle with a Citrus Twist

This all-natural beeswax candle creates a warm ambiance wit...

Breathe & Be Confident Inhaler

Take deep breaths—you’ve got this!

Warm Spice & Orange Diffuser Blend

Cozy up with this warming & spicy diffuser blend, burst...

Relief for Sore Muscles Oil

This blend offers much-needed relief for sore, overworked m...

Ease Those Joints Oil

Soothe and warm uncomfortable cool swelling.

Citrus Spice Diffuser Blend

Boost health and well being with this citrus spice blend.

Holiday Diffuser Blend

Bursting with spicy citrus and conifers, this blend is a ho...

Soothe the Nerve Tingling Oil

This blend is the perfect synergy for those occasional nerv...

Wintergreen Acute Relief Oil

This blend is excellent for acute injury management!

Healing Oil with Balsam Poplar

This body oil blend is calming and healing when dealing wit...

Woodsy Stiff Hand Lotion

This spicy, woodsy blend is perfect to help support normal ...


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