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ginger essential oil


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Ginger Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

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Spicy Chai Candle with a Citrus Twist

This DIY candle creates a warm ambiance with a delicious an...

Warm Spice & Orange Diffuser Blend

Cozy up with this warming & spicy diffuser blend, burst...

Lemon Spice Diffuser Blend

This diffuser blend is the perfect combination of fruity an...

Carrot Cake Lip Balm

A silky-smooth, gently warm, lip-smacking balm!

Chronic Joint Relief Oil

Soothe painful joints and muscles with this powerhouse blend.

Warm Those Joints Oil

Ease sore joints with these warming essential oils.

Beginning of Cold Season Oil

This blend packs a punch when needing extra immune support.

Soothe the Nerve Tingling Oil

This blend is the perfect synergy for those occasional nerv...

Carrot Cake Whipped Body Butter

Rejuvenate your skin with healthy, natural ingredients.

Sore & Tight Muscle Oil

These warming, penetrating essential oils are perfect for s...

Warming Oil with Peru Balsam

This beautiful, spicy, exotic blend brings warmth to any ar...

Digestive Support Oil with Arnica

This blend is super helpful for soothing the occasional dig...


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