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Essential Oil Recipes

Over 400+ essential oil recipes crafted to support your wellness.

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Glass Bottles With Coned Cap - Essential Oil Recipes

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Cold & Flu Respiratory Oil

Ease spastic coughing and congestion with beatiful balsam f...

Relieving Belly Oil

Bring much-needed relief to a tight, cramped belly with thi...

Yarrow's "Little Bit o' Blue" Belly Oil

Experiencing stomach discomfort? This powerful blend can he...

Bergamot Bedtime Oil

Fall soundly asleep with this citrusy, woodsy bedtime blend.

Rise and Shine Energizing Oil

Start your morning off on the right foot with this sweet an...

Sharpen Focus Oil

Sharpen your concentration and boost your productivity.

Digestive Ease Oil

Relieve and ease an occasional upset digestive system.

Essential-Oil-Free Back Care Oil

Treat your back to this super-soothing herbal massage oil.

Calm & Peace Massage Oil

Relax & restore your calm with this soothing massage oil.

Raspberry and Aloe Soap-Free Face Wash

A gentle, skin-nourishing face wash

Stronger Joints Oil

Comfort stressed out joints with this soothing oil.

Sandalwood Citrus Perfume Oil

This delightful perfume oil blend is so uplifting and suppo...


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