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Glass Roller Bottles - Essential Oil Recipes

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Sandalissa Healthy Lips Oil

Two beautiful supporting oils to discourage lip sores.

Coriander Head & Neck Oil

Massage your head and neck with this tension soothing oil.

Harmonizing Perfume Oil

Roll on this graceful perfume to bring peace to your body, ...

Anointing Roll-on

Fortifying and centering for when seeking clarity.

Allergy Calming Roll-on

Ease and calm allergy symptoms.

Lucky Charm Hangover Oil

This blend is perfect when one has had a little to much to ...

Love Potion Perfume Oil

This natural perfume is skin nourishing, while also making ...

Warming Oil with Peru Balsam

This beautiful, spicy, exotic blend brings warmth to any ar...

Summer Solstice Stonehedge Roll-on

With beautiful middle and base notes, this blend is coveted...

Respiratory Tightness Roll-on

This blend encourages "opening" restricted physical and emo...

Sweet Inspiration Roll-on

It's time to embrace inspiration. Get creative and see the ...

Skin Nourishing Oil

Encourage radiant skin and help discourage small blemishes ...


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