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juniper berry essential oil


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Juniper Berry Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Stronger Joints Oil

Comfort stressed out joints with this soothing oil.

Oily Skin Facial Oil

Promote a healthy complexion that fights unwanted oil with ...

Oily Skin Toning Spray

Promote a healthy complexion that fights unwated oil with t...

Oily Skin Face Wash

Promote a healthy complexion that fights unwanted oil with ...

Neck Massage Oil

Did you sleep in a funny position, and now you can’t turn y...

Ease Those Joints Oil

Soothe and warm uncomfortable cool swelling.

Chronic Joint Relief Oil

Soothe painful joints and muscles with this powerhouse blend.

Warm Those Joints Oil

Ease sore joints with these warming essential oils.

Cold & Cough Buster Diffuser Blend

Restore airway and lung function during a cold or flu.

Purifying Conifer Diffuser Blend

Bring the scent of the woods into your home with these grou...

Cold Season Diffuser Blend

Support your immune system and promote healthy breathing.


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