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lemon essential oil


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Lemon Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Citrus Mint Foaming Hand Soap

An uplifting & invigorating foaming hand soap blend.

Lemon Pine All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Clean your home with the power of nature with the Lemon Pin...

Healthy Thyme Room Spray

Purify your space with this minty, spicy room and linen spray!

Lemon Spice Diffuser Blend

This diffuser blend is the perfect combination of fruity an...

Allergy Reducing Room Spray

Freshen up your space with this anti allergen room spray!

Stronger Joints Oil

Comfort stressed out joints with this soothing oil.

Lemon Thyme Carpet Spray

Freshen your carpets between vacuuming sessions.

Neck Massage Oil

Did you sleep in a funny position, and now you can’t turn y...

Ease Those Joints Oil

Soothe and warm uncomfortable cool swelling.

Feel Good Throat Oil

Encourage throat support and a healthy immune system.

Itch Relief Spray

Calm itchy, inflamed insect bites.

Balancing Oil

Balance and uplift the senses with this sublime lotion blend.


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