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lemongrass essential oil


Application Method

Lemongrass Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Cramp Oil

This wonderful blend is so helpful when experiencing muscle...

Headache Oil

Apply this beautiful blend anytime you feel a headache comi...

Injury Repair Oil

Calm and soothe sore muscles after a workout, or injury.

Muscle Aches Butter

This blend is perfect for relieving sore, painful, inflamed...

Sore Muscle Oil

This wonderful blend helps bring soothing relief to painful...

Foot Support Lotion

Fight pesky skin issues with this nourishing lotion blend.

Soothing Athlete’s Foot Gel

This blend is an all-natural way to help support skin affec...

Skeeter Beater Bug Spray

Keep insects away with this effective, all-natural insect s...

Feel Happy Oil

Nourish and rejuvenate the skin with this beautiful body oi...

Edema Buster Foot Soak

Nurture your swollen feet with this foot soak.

Ease Muscle Tension Oil

This sunlit synergistic blend has a bright aroma and is rea...


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