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lime essential oil


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Lime Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

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Vetiver & Lime Bath Salt

This soothing, grounding bath salt blend is relaxing and up...

I Feel Calm Now Bath Salt

Relax in a warm bath and let anxious feelings float away.

Coriander Head & Neck Oil

Massage your head and neck with this tension soothing oil.

Oily Skin Facial Oil

Promote a healthy complexion that fights unwanted oil with ...

Oily Skin Toning Spray

Promote a healthy complexion that fights unwated oil with t...

Oily Skin Face Wash

Promote a healthy complexion that fights unwanted oil with ...

Brighten the Mood Spray

Brighten the mood with this floral, citrusy room spray!

Restorative Oil with Rose

Create balance and ease an overactive mind.

Citrus Fall Sparkle Diffuser Blend

These sweet and spicy aromas will help put a sparkle in you...

Cooling Tonic Spray

Soothe hot and inflamed areas with this cooling tonic.

Sunny Citrus Diffuser Blend

Soak up the sunshine with blissful, citrusy aromas.

Seasonal Energizing Oil

Usher in clarity and strength, providing much-needed energy...


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