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neroli essential oil


Application Method

Neroli Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Release the Past Diffuser Blend

Release your worries and embrace the future!

Move Easier Lotion with Chamomile

Release tension for painful muscle cramps.

Calming Inhaler

This blend is such a beautiful way to calm nervous tension ...

Grieving a Loss Oil

Bring comfort to the heart and soul.

Peace & Tranquility Inhaler

This sublime inhaler blend is so helpful when experiencing ...

After Sun Butter

This luscious skin butter helps moisturize & repair sun...

Soothing Emotional Support Lotion

This beautiful lotion blend is so helpful for uplifting and...

Calm Your Heart Lotion

Calm and soothe with beautiful floral aromas.

Rose & Neroli Anti-Aging Lotion

Moisturize, restore, and protect skin that’s mature and dep...

Holiday Spice Solid Perfume

This beautiful solid perfume inspires focus, motivation, an...

Rejuvenating Skin Tonic Oil

This luscious skin-nourishing blend soothes our skin and ou...

Emotionally Balancing Lotion

This lovely, exotic blend helps support healthy, beautiful ...


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