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orange sweet essential oil


Application Method

Orange Sweet Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Spray your way to a naturally clean toilet.

Cold & Flu Respiratory Oil

Ease spastic coughing and congestion with beatiful balsam f...

Calm Focus Inhaler Blend

This portable & beautiful inhaler helps kids & adul...

Warm Spice & Orange Diffuser Blend

Cozy up with this warming & spicy diffuser blend, burst...

Carrot Cake Lip Balm

A silky-smooth, gently warm, lip-smacking balm!

Sweet Almond Hair Shine Oil

Treat your hair with this vitamin-rich oil for healthy, shi...

Emotional Calm Inhaler

Take a deep breath and listen to your inner guidance… You’v...

Solid Natural Deodorant

This is our go-to for a natural deodorant.

Adrenal Travel Support Lotion

Encourage healthy adrenal support.

Belly Digestive Oil

Support digestion while calming tension in your belly.

Earthy & Calming Inhaler

Usher in tranquility and calm a restless mind.

Joint Calm Oil

Encourage normal movement with this synergistic blend.


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