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Pet Jars Large - Essential Oil Recipes

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Vetiver & Lime Bath Salt

This soothing, grounding bath salt blend is relaxing and up...

I Feel Calm Now Bath Salt

Relax in a warm bath and let anxious feelings float away.

May Flowers Foot Scrub

Treat your feet with this refreshing, lemony scrub!

Night-Repair Hand Butter

An intensely moisturizing overnight butter to restore your ...

Myrtle Belly Butter

Trust these time-honored women’s oils in a relieving massag...

Move Easier Lotion with Chamomile

Release tension for painful muscle cramps.

Evening Bath Salt

This floral bath blend is sure to please after a long day w...

Saro & Ravintsara Allergy Scrub

This beautiful bath scrub blend is so soothing, especially ...

Whipped Shea & Kombo Butter

This gorgeous whipped body butter blend is so luscious, soo...

Chamomile & Yuzu Bath Salts

Take a blissful soak with this citrusy, floral bath salt bl...

Relaxing Support Salt Scrub

This beautiful bath or shower salt scrub blend is profoundl...

Foot Support Lotion

Fight pesky skin issues with this nourishing lotion blend.


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