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spearmint essential oil


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Spearmint Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Queasiness Relief Inhaler

Whether traveling by car, plane or train, this nifty inhale...

Rise and Shine Energizing Oil

Start your morning off on the right foot with this sweet an...

Curb Your Appetite Inhaler

Enjoy good food without overindulging.

Minty Balance Inhaler

Soothe anxiety with this beautiful, refreshing inhaler blend.

Digestive Support Oil with Arnica

This blend is super helpful for soothing the occasional dig...

Minty Digestion Inhaler

This minty inhaler blend helps ease an unhappy tummy.

Leprechaun's Room Spray

Keep your space feeling fresh with this citrusy, minty room...

Enchanted Forest Inhaler

The minty, woodsy aromas are sure to transport you into bliss!

Citrus Mint Refreshing Salt Scrub

Nourish and smooth your skin with this refreshing salt scrub!


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