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spike lavender essential oil


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Spike Lavender Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Relief for Sore Muscles Oil

This blend offers much-needed relief for sore, overworked m...

Soothing Injury Gel

Soothe and calm injuries and skin conditions.

Itch Relief Spray

Calm itchy, inflamed insect bites.

Soothe the Nerve Tingling Oil

This blend is the perfect synergy for those occasional nerv...

Soothing Scalp Massage Oil

This blend can help ease uncomfortable head tension.

Acute Relief Oil

This blend helps bring welcome relief for painful injuries ...

Hiker's Allergy Season Inhaler

Keep this inhaler handy when hiking, backpacking, or travel...

Sinus Headache Oil

This topical blend helps relieve that painful, congested, h...

Wintergreen Acute Relief Oil

This blend is excellent for acute injury management!

Tingly Sensations Oil

These oils are perfect for any condition that causes nerve-...

Woodsy Stiff Hand Lotion

This spicy, woodsy blend is perfect to help support normal ...


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