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chamomile german england essential oil


Application Method

Chamomile German England Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Injury Repair Oil

Calm and soothe sore muscles after a workout, or injury.

New Beginnings Lotion

This beautiful blend rejuvenates, stimulates, and balances.

Serious Bruising Oil

This blend is deeply healing and soothing, making it perfec...

Stop the Itch Spray

Get relief from bug bites or other itchy, hot skin issues.

Slow Healing Wounds Oil

This blend is perfect for new owies as well as stubborn wou...

Bruising Relief with Arnica Oil

Minimize bruising while soothing aches.

German Chamomile Bath Salt

This bath salt blend is grounding, calming, and healing for...

DIY Tattoo Oil

Caring for your skin helps your tattoos stay sharp and vibr...

Soothing Joint Oil

Soothe and support sore muscles and joints

Muscle, Joint & Tendons Lotion

This amazing blend is a powerhouse for helping your body fe...


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