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Essential Oil Recipes

Over 400+ essential oil recipes crafted to support your wellness.

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Glass Jars - Essential Oil Recipes

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Citrus Immune Support Lotion

With clementine as the the star, this immune support blend ...

Spruce & Spice Immune Health Lotion

Nourish your hands and body during the cold winter months!

Mama's Belly Massage Butter

A conditioning, moisturizing belly butter for expectant mot...

Healthy Feet Lotion

Encourage healthy feet with this nourishing foot lotion!

Warm Cuticle Repair Salve

Condition and moisturize your cuticles.

Adrenal Travel Support Lotion

Encourage healthy adrenal support.

Antispasmodic for Cramps Lotion

Support and soothe an upset digestive system.

Balancing Oil

Balance and uplift the senses with this sublime lotion blend.

Belly Massage Oil

Support a healthy digestive system with this beautiful bell...


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