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lavender essential oil


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Lavender Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

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After Sun Spray

This cooling spray offers refreshment after a long day in t...

Calm Focus Inhaler Blend

This portable & beautiful inhaler helps kids & adul...

Eucalyptus Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

A soothing & breath-opening foaming hand soap blend.

Raspberry and Aloe Soap-Free Face Wash

A gentle, skin-nourishing face wash

Lemon Thyme Carpet Spray

Freshen your carpets between vacuuming sessions.

Lavend-rosa Dryer Balls

Replace commercial dryer sheets with natural wool balls for...

Harmonizing Perfume Oil

Roll on this graceful perfume to bring peace to your body, ...

Sweet Almond Moisturizing Hand Oil

An antioxidant-rich hand moisturizer to restore healthy, su...

Normal Skin Face Wash

Promote a healthy complexion with this all natural face wash!

Emotional Calm Inhaler

Take a deep breath and listen to your inner guidance… You’v...

Ease Those Joints Oil

Soothe and warm uncomfortable cool swelling.

Ease The Hurt Oil

Don't let the occasional soreness slow you down!


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