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marjoram sweet essential oil


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Marjoram Sweet Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Ease Muscle Spasms Oil

Use this blend to provide welcome relief to tight, spasming...

Antispasmodic for Cramps Lotion

Support and soothe an upset digestive system.

Feel Good Throat Oil

Encourage throat support and a healthy immune system.

Belly Cramp Relief Oil

Encourage relaxation in tense areas.

Restorative Oil with Rose

Create balance and ease an overactive mind.

Tight Belly with Cramping Lotion

Encourage healthy elimination with this synergistic lotion ...

No More Gas Lotion

This belly oil blend helps settle an unruly digestive system.

Cramping Relief Oil with Arnica

This blend is so helpful for soothing sore muscle cramps.

Forgiveness & Anger Healing Lotion

These oils encourage positive feelings when holding onto ne...

Allergy Relief Inhaler

This blend encourages healthy breathing when those pesky al...

Sore Muscles Oil

This refreshing blend helps soothe sore, achy muscles and r...


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