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peppermint essential oil


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Peppermint Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Aphid-Away Spray

Take back your garden from those pesky aphids with this all...

Citrus Mint Foaming Hand Soap

An uplifting & invigorating foaming hand soap blend.

Release the Past Diffuser Blend

Release your worries and embrace the future!

Aching Foot Soak

This refreshing foot bath blend harnesses the power of pepp...

Backcountry Bug Repellent Spray

Keep insects away with this effective, all-natural insect r...

Breathe Deeper Inhaler

Support healthy lungs and sinuses while restoring clarity.

Cooling Tonic Spray

Soothe hot and inflamed areas with this cooling tonic.

On the Go Digestive Aid Oil

Don't let digestive distress or discomfort slow you down.

Seasonal Energizing Oil

Usher in clarity and strength, providing much-needed energy...

Clean the Floors Solution

Ditch the chemicals for this all natural floor cleaner that...

Peppy Hand Gel

Keep hands fresh with this all natural hand gel.

Healthy Harmony Hand Gel

Keep hands fresh with this all natural hand gel.


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